Instaco Now Offering Pool Covers

Instaco, one of the top providers of marquees, awnings, and shade structures in Australia, is now offering pool covers. The company talks about the many benefits that pool covers offer and opens up about its commitment to its customers.

Brisbane, Australia, August 28, 2013 --( Instaco, one of the top providers of shade and outdoor solutions in Australia, is now offering practical and conveniently designed pool covers for its continuously growing number of customers. The company is offering a wide range of outdoor solutions for different customer needs, with the same level of style and quality, protection, and security features that any consumer would want for their pool cover.

Providing Practicality

Instaco’s pool covers are automatic, enabling their users to manage them in the most convenient way possible. They can enjoy the mechanism’s feature and functionality in just a touch of a button. Users will also appreciate the designs available, according to Instaco. Its products feature contemporary and resort-style designs that will suit any style or customer preference. Their pool covers are also flexible enough to fit almost any shape and size of pool.

Offering Convenience

Instaco explains that one of the reason why they offered pool covers is the many benefits it offers to pool owners. With these protective mechanisms, users can keep leaves, dust, and other foreign objects from polluting or contaminating the pool water. Pool covers also reduce the risk of algae and mold formation on the tiles. They even reduce evaporation, helping pool owners conserve water. With these benefits in mind, Instaco is confident that it made the right choice to include pool covers in its extensive range of outdoor solutions.

Ensuring Pool Safety

Apart from aesthetic enhancement and convenience, pool owners get covers to ensure safety when the area is not in use. Instaco shares these outdoor mechanisms are especially important when the pool owners are catering to children. Pool covers can help them prevent incidences of drowning and pool-related injuries. This is why the outdoor solutions provider chose to offer the best products from the top pool cover brands.

Instaco is inviting pool owners to check out its wide range of pool covers and other outdoor solutions. Interested parties can get in touch with the company to know more about its offerings. The company shares that its pool covers are easy to clean and maintain. They also employ a professional team who can help purchasers install and repair the pool cover if needed.
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