RaspBee ZigBee Add-on for Raspberry Pi Now Available

The RaspBee shield is now available from dresden elektronik. It comes with a comprehensive software package. This ZigBee expansion board for the popular single-board computer Raspberry Pi makes communication possible not only with dresden elektronik wireless ballasts but also with other manufacturers’ ZigBee PRO devices such as the Philips hue or XBee Series 2.

Dresden, Germany, August 30, 2013 --(PR.com)-- This is an important building block of the wireless light control system by dresden elektronik with which the user has the freedom to control his or her home lighting regardless of location using a smartphone or other devices.

The shield’s firmware supports not only ZigBee Light Link (ZLL), but also further ZigBee profiles. Raspberry Pi with the RaspBee shield allows access to ZigBee devices with smartphones and tablets when connected to a Wi-Fi router. RaspBee includes ZigBee firmware, but it can also be used for other applications and it is possible to develop individual firmware. Because it is freely programmable and with the increasing support of popular protocol stacks, RaspBee can be used for any IEEE 802.15.4-based wireless communication and is not limited to use for only lighting control. Due to its integrated bootloader mechanism any firmware can be uploaded without any additional programming adapter.

Software packages for Raspberry Pi
To ease entrance into the world of ZigBee with the RaspBee add-on, dresden elektronik has developed several free software packets for Raspberry Pi. These packages are designed not only for users who simply want to control lighting, but also for developers who would like to create their own ZigBee applications:

-Web app for light control (de-FLS, Philips hue, etc.) using smartphones and tablets
-deCONZ ZigBee GUI for comfortable setup, monitoring and maintenance of ZigBee networks
-C++ and REST-APIs for individual integration of ZigBee in unique applications
-Bootloader tool for the easy exchange of RaspBee firmware
-Add-ons for protocol stacks (i.e. Atmel MAC) for developing alternative applications

Web app and development tools
With dresden elektronik’s own web app, lights such as Phillips hue and others can be simply and easily configured and controlled via ballasts or directly by using a browser. Users who would like to develop their own applications to control ZigBee lights, automate events or integrate dresden elektronik components into an existing system have an open source REST-API available to them from dresden elektronik on GitHub.

The powerful monitoring and control tool deCONZ is available for developers. It can be used in custom applications with C++ API and can be extended modularly.

Interesting projects involving RaspBee are not only desirable, but will published on dresden elektronik’s website.

RaspBee – variations and out-of-the-box solution
RaspBee’s price includes a license for using ZigBee firmware with up to 200 end devices. A RaspBee version for other applications without a license is coming soon. ZigBee firmware can be tested in limited mode on up to five end devices using this version.

The full gateway package consisting of RaspBee and Raspberry Pi, preconfigured and mounted in a case with an SD card with Linux distribution and a power supply unit will be available soon in our online shop. With this out-of-the-box solution it is not necessary for the user to set up and configure Raspberry Pi, ZLL components can be controlled immediately after switching the power on.

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