NBC Bird and Pest Solutions Announces an Expansion of Services for Kent

NBC's Bird and Pest Solutions has expanded services to include professional maintenance services, like pond and landscape maintenance.

Attleborough, United Kingdom, August 30, 2013 --(PR.com)-- NBC Bird and Pest Solutions announced that the company has expanded its services to include clean-ups of accumulated bird droppings, cleaning of pond filtration systems, and pond maintenance. The company's Medway and Kent offices currently work with National Grid to maintain the environment of the pond, located on National Grid's property. Part of the services that NBC Bird and Pest solution completes, include making sure that the animals that live in bodies of water have a safe habit in which to live. This means that the team removes pollutants and ensures that the filtration system is working properly.

In addition to controlling birds, the company offers a guano cleaning service and bird proofing services. The bird proofing installation services comes with a two year guarantee, that the proofing could deter the animals from entering and nesting in certain areas. Most people probably do not know that the bird droppings that accumulate could contain diseases that could make humans ill. Major diseases are usually either fungal or bacterial. The fungal diseases are spread in the soil, and the bacterial diseases are spread through the air. The cleaning of bird dropping is regulated by the government, due to the safety hazards and the complexity of the act. Therefore, it is best to contact bird control experts who can safely eliminate accumulations of guano, also known as bird droppings that might be found around a home or a business.

All branches of NBC Bird and Pest Solutions routinely remove birds from commercial areas. The team members utilize the safest methods available which, includes, scaring, and using electronic bird deterrents. The company has successfully removed winged animals from the interiors and exteriors of some well-known buildings.

Other Pest Control Services that the team performs include commercial rodent control, and pest prevention. The company uses ethical methods. When it is possible to do so, non-lethal methods are used to control and prevent pest infestations. Commercial entities call on the company representatives to perform site assessments and recommendations. The team members are also well-versed on the governmental health and safety standards that commercial businesses need to operate.

The pests that are within the scope of NBC's services include rats, squirrels, mice, crawling insects, and flying insects. The team members have the expertise to control what some people refer to as "problem pests". These pests include ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, mice, rats, squirrels, and others. Problem wildlife animals such as foxes, moles, rabbits, and badgers can also be controlled with the help of the professional and responsible team at NBC.

The people who work for NBC take a genuine interest in protecting the lives of wildlife animals. NBC's work extends to saving wildlife for the present and future generations. The company has a commitment to supporting wildlife conservation. Its staff participate in activities to raise money for conservation, and they also do volunteer work in their communities to aid various species. NBC Bird and Pest Solutions work to satisfy customers, while staying ethical and true to the company's mission to use high standards when it comes to Pest Control solutions.

For more information regarding NBC Bird and Pest Solutions visit http://www.nbcbirdandpest.co.uk/commercial-pest-control/pest-control-services/
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