New Equipment Enables Underground Connections to be More Efficient, More Cost Effective, Which Translates Into Savings for Customers

Underground Connections just recently purchased new equipment for their trenchless sewer repair and replacement company.

Cleveland, OH, August 30, 2013 --( New equipment was just bought by Underground Connections for their trenchless sewer repair and replacement company allowing them more efficiency and an opportunity for more savings to be passed on to the customer.

Underground Connections just purchased a Hammerhead PB30 for residential projects and a HG12 Winch and a Hammerhead 5058 Pipe Bursting Machine for municipal and commercial projects. The PB30 is used to trenchlessly replace residential sewer laterals with a smaller footprint and more power. The 5058 Pipe Burster can burst steel, cast iron and ductile iron, and the Hammerhead HG12 can burst from a manhole, which is of great value when the pipe runs under such obstacles as roadways or streams. Underground Connections can now replace any pipe size from 2 inch up to 20 inch pipe.

“We want our best work to be unseen. This equipment will help us more efficiently replace underground pipe without open trenching the yard, driveway or landscaping,” said Tom Carlisle, owner of Underground Connections. “This equipment allows us to have minimal surface impact while installing a superior quality pipe that the homeowner, municipality or business property owner will not have to ever worry about replacing again.”

Underground Connections utilizes a trenchless pipe bursting technology to replace your old sewer lines with new thicker, seamless pipe made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). The whole process takes place underground in just a few hours. A powerful winch pulls the new pipe into place through the existing channel while destroying the old pipe. The customer no longer needs to incur the cost of hauling away excess dirt that doesn’t settle from the open trench method, as well as the cost of topsoil, grass seed, concrete and landscaping etc.

If you have sewer problems, Underground Connections will diagnose the problem at no cost using a video sewer camera inspection that shows the inside of the pipe, which the customer can see on a computer screen. The technician will explain everything they come across as they camera down the line. They service all over Ohio, including the Cleveland and Columbus areas as well. Replace your pipes, not your yard with Underground Connections. Call them today at (330)410-4638.

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Underground Connections in Ohio is a third generation sewer contractor with 25 years experience specializing in drain cleaning, sewer repair and trenchless technologies. We are a sewer and drain repair company specializing in trenchless sewer repairs.
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