InspiringApps Introduces AppSync Tool

Data synchronization tool allows mobile apps to work offline. Included features: redundant data, automated sync, cross-platform/cross-device support and data filtering.

Boulder, CO, August 30, 2013 --( InspiringApps, a Boulder, Colorado-based application development company recently introduced their AppSync tool, a data synchronization feature allowing products to work offline. AppSync provides bi-directional synchronization for app-to-server and server-to-app communication for iOS, Android, and web and mobile web (HTML5) apps. AppSync is incorporated in all of InspiringApps’ products, as well as in most client projects.

AppSync has some notable features, distinguishing it from other data synchronization tools:

-Redundant Data
AppSync stores data on the server and on a mobile device. This redundancy is helpful if the user happens to lose a device. Simply replace the lost device with a new one, sync it, and pick up where the app was last synchronized.

-Automated Sync
The best backups are automated. The same is true for data synchronization. AppSync automates the synchronization process by monitoring a user’s network connectivity. When a connection is available, a sync happens automatically. This automation is useful to people who rely on a team to submit data regularly, but can't rely on a full-time network connection.

-Cross-Platform / Cross-Device Support
AppSync supports synchronization on the most-used mobile platforms. This flexibility comes in handy if your team is using a variety of different devices.

-Filter Data
Not all data is created equal, and not all team members need access to the same information. AppSync handles data filtering to ensure users have what they need and aren't bogged down with what they don't. For example, sales reps often only need to see data for their own accounts. Filtering is an important feature for people who want to reduce the amount of data stored on each device.

-Keep Teams Connected
AppSync ensures everyone has the latest data, even when they can't be online. AppSync is currently used in InspiringApps’ products and those they’ve created for their clients to keep teams connected. For example:
- In ePCR for iPad, AppSync is used to share patient records among EMTs. EMTs can enter patient and incident data with or without a network connection, then sync, view and update other reports pertinent to them.
- In Reps, AppSync is used to deliver always up-to-date presentation content to sales reps. Central offices update presentation content using the Reps web-based content-management system. AppSync distributes the latest content to the iPads of all sales reps.
- One client project uses AppSync to manage inventory information on mobile devices, so their teams are in the know about inventory availability.

AppSync is currently exclusive to InspiringApps client projects and products. To submit a client request, contact Kim Weber at
Kim Weber