A Light Revolution is Coming

Neo Lux CEO, Sheldon Williamson, is launching his bid for funding today with his new brand of Electroluminescent Wire (EL Wire) clothing.

Dayton, CA, August 31, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Neo Lux CEO, Sheldon Williamson, is launching his bid for funding today at 8pm PST with his new brand of Electroluminescent Wire (EL WIre) clothing. The Ohio based company is hoping to break into the sportswear market via the crowdsourced funding giant Kickstarter. Hometown boy, Sheldon Williamson, plans on bringing in local labor to assemble and ship his new brand of clothing. His uniquely designed light up hoodies promise to bring safety and style to all of your favorite night time/ early morning activities.

The startup company hopes to receive its funding goal of $16,000 by the end of September in order to begin manufacturing and selling their product. They have amassed over 1500 fans on Facebook.com in preparation for their campaign. Their product has been embraced by people from all walks of life: from Tonya Ankeney who wants her daughter Audra, who is disabled, to be able to be visible and play safely outside at night, to runners and bikers who are looking for a way to stand out with more than just reflectors and flashlights. They have also attracted the younger crowd with their unique styling and the overall fun aspect of their clothing line.

"After getting hit by a car while I was out one night, I realized that the driver just couldn't see me. I needed some way to make my presence known, and that's when I had the idea." -Sheldon Williamson

"You would be helping her a million fold with giving her something to keep her safe at night to be out doing what she loves... Being Normal." - Tonya Ankeney

About Neo Lux LLC:
Website: http://www.neoluxllc.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MakeYourPresenceKnown
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