Yunes Swathe, Luxury Fashion Brand Launched New Website

Manhattan-based lifestyle brand Yunes Swathe invites visitors to explore its exclusive luxury apparel and handbag collection at new online store,

New York, NY, September 01, 2013 --( Yunes Swathe is excited to announce the unveiling of its new online. Featuring both luxury apparel and handbag lines that seamlessly integrate a modern aesthetic with classic designs.

The apparel collection includes dresses, jackets, blouses and pants. Available in a diverse range of colors, textures, and shapes, the Yunes Swathe handbag collection promises to deliver pieces that will last from season to season. The approximate average retail price for apparel is $120 and handbags are $250.

Each luxury clothing item and handbag showcases a unique design with unparalleled quality. True to the expression of the brand, the Yunes Swathe woman is effortlessly chic and confident and is subtly sophisticated. “I want our clients and consumers to fall in love with the bag and the stories behind each piece,” said C.E.O.

Senior Designer of Yunes Swathe, Ingrid H. “Each one has a unique story to tell.”

The Yunes Swathe brand blends the worlds of classic and avant-garde, modern label enriched with unique intricacies paying attention to flair creating a line that embodies refined quality and timelessness. Yunes Swathe is not just a piece, but a creation showcasing the brand’s signature style and harkening to the luxury lifestyle. To see the entire collection, please visit Like us on Facebook and join the conversation on Twitter.

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Yunes Swathe
Kimoy Ryan