ProofHub Aims at Creating the Best Engaging Interface

ProofHub has recently added new capabilities where users can now add tasks directly from the calendar.

Clifton, NJ, September 04, 2013 --( It has been just a few days when ProofHub launched a new UI focusing on minimalism and productivity. The design changes and features aim at creating a more engaging interface that will encourage collaboration on projects. However, the ability to add tasks directly from the calendar has been recently added. ProofHub is headed towards adding new features in a gentle manner where the experience is not cluttered.

ProofHub team is looking into the application for more improvements. They are listening to their customers, getting their feedback and adding stuff here and there, making the application go better by every single passing day.

"Our customers are directly involved in making ProofHub the second Leading Collaboration tool. Their feedback makes us continually check into the application for further improvements," says the ProofHub team.

Earlier this year, it launched ProofHub mobile to let employees manage work both in the office and on the go, as a number of users were demanding the ability to expand the application into other areas of the business especially where they are on the field for most of the time.

After a great success and positive feedback from their customers on ProofHub mobile, the team believes that with ProofHub’s new UI that is more efficient, more flexible, and makes for a more collaborative experience, it will prove to be a winner in the battle for productivity.

About ProofHub:

ProofHub is an online project management system that enables better management of projects and helps in their faster execution within the stipulated time. It enables the team members who are dispersed globally to effortlessly collaborate over important project matters. Project tasks, discussions, and documents can be properly defined, documented, discussed, organized, coordinated, reviewed and controlled. The successful completion of a project results in generation of intended gains and assets which adds up to the reputation of the organization.

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