The Online Shopping Destination is Poised to Become a Website Biosphere

A website that is built for social networking, entertainment media, advertising, buying and selling is essentially paying users to do it all under one e-roof.

Los Angeles, CA, September 05, 2013 --( There are many websites that offer entertainment, points programs and shopping to their users but what if you can get that and more all in one website. The possibility of this concept is seemingly being brought to life by one company’s website, The website started as a rewards-based online shopping destination, that essentially pays users to watch videos but with further developments it is proving to be more than that.

Users can expect to have shopping opportunities but the main attraction of the website is the incentivized aspect. Primewinn website officials say they will continue developments and adding interactive and incentivized functionalities to further the biosphere website concept. The term “biosphere website” was brought up by one of the officials to describe its one-stop shop appeal.

“We think offering a shopping experience just isn’t enough anymore. Internet users are evolving and we’re trying our best to evolve right along with them,” says Jasleen Singh, Co-found of Primewinn.

More information is expected to be released as further website developments are revealed.

Primewinn is a premiere shopping destination with the hottest brands and products that incentivizes users to watch promotional videos and shop. The creators of the website have built amazing retail partnerships with merchants and advertisers that want to sell their products and reach their fabulous customer base. A passionate and creative team has invested their time and passion in to making Primewinn what it is today and continue to contribute to the potential of what it can become. Visit today to be entertained and enjoy every click of the way.

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Daniel Ian