Predisposition to Weight Gain or Obesity Can Now be Determined by a Simple Self Administered DNA Test

"With a simple Self Administered DNA Test, a person can now choose a specific program from hundreds of Diets popularized by the Dr. Oz Show and media based on personal DNA results. We gain weight by eating the wrong food for our DNA,” says 24 DNA Scientist Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Los Angeles, CA, September 06, 2013 --( 24 DNA, a privately held company in Sacramento, California, is announcing a limited 21 day opportunity from August 23, 2013 to September 12, 2013 for individuals and organizations to become recognized as initial contributors to help fund this potential History Making Event capable of changing the World for the Better! Funds raised will go to the initial production and manufacture of this Patented and potential Nobel Prize Winning Life-changing ‘24 DNA-2 Blood Types Kit’ which can either be self-administered in the privacy of your home or done by medical professionals. The Kit bringing results within 3 minutes, test for your Master DNA Sequence, 2 Blood Types, genetic gender, epigenetic gender and shed light on how your whole brain works, Rh+- Factors, and Secretor, Non-Secretor or both.

Research that led to the creation of this ’Kit’ has resolved many questions including: (1) why DNA has a double Helix structure, (a mystery which Nobel Prize recipients James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins in addition to many others have researched and worked to resolve), (2) how the formation, development and components of the Brain and Body are related to DNA (resolving a 200 plus year old mystery Rene Descartes was working on to determine if the Mind was the Body, if the Body was the Mind or Both), (3) how DNA at the molecular level and different Blood Types at the cellular level relate to the Brain, the Body and predisposition to various diseases. (4) and resolves confusions to help determine, in the testing of body fluids, if an individual is a Secretor, Non-Secretor or a combination of both.

“According a July 14, 2013 Huston article by Marika Rafte, Mexico overtakes America as the fattest country in the world. But other Pacific Island nations such as Nauru, Cook Island and Marshall Islands top Mexico. This is crazy. Why are people getting more obese when there is so much information on Dieting? Every time you turn on the TV or listen to the radio there is an advertisement on how to lose weight. Where is the problem? The answer lies in the DNA rather than the diets. People are eating foods that are not part of their DNA or Genetic Diet requirements. Therefore, their bodies don’t have the enzymes to break down the foods being introduced into their system,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

“I’m very concern with the obesity or overweight problem because our children are being adversely affected. Our First Lady Michelle Obama is doing her best to help reduce this nationwide health crisis which has led to changes in school menu lunches. However for some students these Lunch Menus are based on scientifically incorrect personal DNA requirements. Fruits and vegetables have health benefits for one group of kids, and are toxic or don’t benefit other groups at all. There’s a simple WIN-WIN program, for all involved – basing Lunches and Diets on DNA and Genetic Pre-disposition to weight gain.”

Per Bob Ainuu Afamasaga, “With our simple technology of the 24 DNA-2 Blood Types Kit, anyone in the world, including children, can discover their proper DNA Diet. If you live in America, and know your DNA needs, can then determine if the Flexitarian, Mediterranean, Weight Watcher Diet, Jenny Craig, Dash Diet, TLC Diet, Ornish Diet or any other type of diet is the right one for you. We have removed subjective or emotional decision making by giving everyone an objective process based on Master DNA results and specific Diet of 1 of 12 Universal DNA Diets. ”

The most exciting news is that if you’re reading this Press Release, you have the opportunity to become part of the initial release of these historical discoveries and this kit just by providing a tax deductible financial contribution which will add your name or organization to a “We Will Never Forget You” plaque, so that you become recognized for having helped make the world a better place to live in. As amongst the initial contributors, you can take pride in knowing your funding will help keep this kit down to an affordable $99.95 cost. Simply go to and make your contribution, to help bring the benefits of this technology to yourself, your loved ones & the rest of the world.
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