National Digital Literacy Campaign, It’sEasierThanYouThink, Kicks Off Today with White House Petition and PSA Videos

While Global Broadband Infrastructure Dominates Mainstream News, Over 60 Million Americans are Being Left Behind in a Digital Literacy Skills Gap.

San Francisco, CA, September 07, 2013 --( It’sEasierThanYouThink, a new national digital literacy awareness campaign, kicked off Monday, September 2nd with a White House petition and several public service announcement videos addressing the education factors that contribute to the online skills gap in America.

In 2013, over 60 million people in the United States still do not know how to use the Internet, according to a Pew Research study.

The ability to open a browser, conduct a search, send an email or connect with an old friend on a social network are all too often taken for granted. Engaging in some of these online activities may not seem critical, but they are fundamental to one’s participation in the information economy.

The United States faces a digital divide, a skills gap that prevents millions of Americans from utilizing the Internet in their daily lives. Online skills are not only necessary for seeking, applying for and getting today’s jobs, but also to take advantage of the growing educational, civic and healthcare advances spurred by broadband.

While there are many efforts nationwide to move educational institutions and government programs online, those lacking essential Internet skills will be left out, furthering the digital divide. ItsEasierThanYouThink is leading a call to action for the adoption of a national digital literacy policy.

The Goals of the Campaign

1. Raise awareness with the public about the issue of digital literacy;
2. Urge the Obama Administration to adopt a national digital literacy policy;
3. Empower non-Internet users with the tools they need to get online; and
4. Providing the online community with resources to take action on this important issue

How to Get Involved

1. Provide the online community with resources to take action on this important issue.
2. Circulate the White House Petition to adopt a national digital literacy policy with your friends, users, constituents and others;
3. Share the series of PSAs It’sEasierThanYouThink has created; and
4. Use other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to help spread the word and raise awareness.

Public Service Announcements

“There Must Be An Easier Way”

In these light-hearted PSAs, non-Internet users mistakenly act on the requests or suggestions from friends and family to interact with the Internet and social media. That leads many to physically go to large tech companies asking for their services.

“The Internet Personified”

These PSAs are designed to point out just how often we turn to the Internet to help solve our problems. From using a map to finding a restaurant for lunch, the Internet is always there to lend a hand.

For more information about It’sEasierThanYouThink, contact Josh Bradley at or 415.735.4035.

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