What Does It Mean to be Human? Announcing the Reflections Series by T. R. Brown.

Announcing the release of the Reflections Series. A trilogy of science fiction novels that combine elements of Frankenstein and Planet of the Apes.

Orem, UT, September 07, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Volume 1: "The Face in the Mirror: a transhuman identity crisis." www.amazon.com/Face-Mirror-transhuman-Reflections-ebook/dp/B0093LI0K4 First released as an e-book from Kindle Direct Publishing in August 2012 then in print from Createspace in March 2013. It tells the story of Todd Hershel, who after a horrific accident finds his brain transplanted into the body of a genetically engineered feline soldier. A new body that also happened to be female. It is a transformation that causes Todd to question his sense of identity, his gender identity, her sexual orientation and how the human race relates to its biological creations.

Volume 2: "Chained Reflections" www.amazon.com/Chained-Reflections-Book-ebook/dp/B00ECIT0S4 Released as and e-book from Kindle Direct Publishing and in Paperback from Createspace in August 2013. Continuing the story of Todd Herschel. She had tried to start a new life on the artificial islands of the Libertarian colonies. A place that humans and escaped neo-people (genetically engineered anthropomorphic animals) lived as equals. Only to have her home and new family torn apart by an attack by her former countrymen. When an opportunity arose to challenge the slave status of her new people Todd could not stay on the sidelines.

When a dishonest judge united with the industrial system that profited from the enslavement of neos Todd found herself stripped of the rights she'd had as a human and forced into slavery. Escape and flight were her only choice.

Would Todd be able to regain her freedom, reunite her family and stop the struggle for neo-person freedom from becoming a race war?

Volume 3: "Reflections of Hope" (Cover image not final). Planned release July or August 2014. Adolescence can be a rough time for anyone. For Hope Hershel though, having a mother who used to be a different species, a father who isn't really related and a boyfriend who's part dolphin makes it even more confusing.

So how does a girl find her place in the world, especially when there are people who don't think her kind should even be allowed to exist?
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