QuickLift Claims Franna Cranes Still the Most Popular in Victoria

The versatile pick-and-carry crane is being touted the machine of choice to more and more construction companies by a well established crane hire company in Victoria.

Shepparton, Victoria, Australia, September 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The Franna crane – also known as the pick and carry cranes – has always been a favourite on worksites in Australia due to its versatility. First developed in the 1980’s, the Franna crane can be used in a variety of settings and has the ability to move at high speeds across vast distances, while still being very flexible onsite. It’s no wonder than that these innovative machines are the most popular crane hire options for companies all over Victoria.

A spokesman for QuickLift Crane hire, which is based out of Shepparton, has confirmed that the pick and carry crane is generally the one most commonly sort after.

"The Franna crane is fantastic because it’s useful in most situations and can be driven to sites that are miles away," he said, "Obviously we always recommend the most appropriate machine for the job, but in rural Victoria the Franna crane is exactly what our customer needs more often than not."

The term "Franna crane" actually comes from the former name of the company that is now known as Terex, and the name stuck for all machines of this type, whether they were built by the company or not. As well as being able to travel long-distances, they’re also known for their adaptability in a variety of locations.

"We’ve used them for everything from backyards and other domestic lifts to construction sites, tree relocation and machinery installation," the spokesmen said, "Because they’ve got no outriggers, they can be moved into tight space that other cranes of their size do no."

QuickLift has been operating in Victoria since 1998 and now has a large fleet of cranes and forklifts available for residential and commercial hire. In actual fact, the business was first in the area to have a Franna crane in its fleet early on in its tenure, which – as discussed – proved popular with customers and helped grow the business. No wonder QuickLift is such a big fan of Franna cranes.

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Trevor Armstrong