Can a Movie Keep You Out of Debt?

New movie, UR Pre-Approved Explores the Dark Side of Credit Cards. Exclusive National Engagement Began Friday, September 7, 2007, Ultrastar Poway Cinemas, San Diego, CA, 13475 Poway Road, Poway, CA 92064

San Diego, CA, September 11, 2007 --( The United States may be the richest, most secure nation on Earth yet millions of Americans are headed for financial ruin.

U R Pre-Approved is an entertaining and hard-hitting documentary journey into the tantalizing world of Credit Cards and the shadowy forces controlling them. Who's behind the threatening deception? Why are so few paying attention? How could this happen…in America?

So how did this happen? Is it our fault for lacking financial self-control? Are the credit card corporations to blame?

In exploring the murky nature of credit card practices and marketing, U R Pre-Approved reveals the harsh effect of the nation's declining financial literacy rate and shines a bright light on America's startling attraction to the newest financial "addiction" of choice - credit.

Interviews (in Washington DC, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, and other U.S. cities) with an impressive array of national authorities from a member of the U.S. Congress, consumer groups, Harvard Law School, a recent senior executive of VISA, and the Guinness World Record Holder for the most credit cards with over 1,500 cards and 1.7 million dollars in credit, all share their experience, facts, and opinions on our nation's ever-expanding personal debt, and how credit card companies are gaining more and more influence over our daily lives.

Seeing so many Americans being harmed by the very system advertised to uplift them, executive producer Brad Dugdale and producer Grant Smith launched their brainchild, U R Pre-Approved. They created a film to increase financial awareness in the country.

To do this, they teamed up with San Diego filmmaker Randall Blaum and San Diego producer, David Scotland, to make this compelling film, in which several "regular" Americans recount their own credit card horror stories and the consequences of their actions.

Here is an engaging and provocative "must see" look at the darker side of credit card companies, and how their practices, intended or otherwise, impact and threaten the America dream.

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"I failed my children when it came to money because I didn't tell them what they needed it to know. Every High School student and parent needs to see this movie, now."
Darleen Kingman, North County Times, Newspapers in Education Director

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