Site Search Product Adds Rich Auto-Complete Search Box

New features added to CyberSiteSearch increase e-commerce site conversion rate via enhanced customer engagement.

West Chicago, IL, September 08, 2013 --( Reinhart Technologies Inc. today announced the addition of rich auto-complete to its CyberSiteSearch E-Commerce site search product. This new feature enhances the user experience via a drop down list of pertinent suggestions composed in real time as the visitor types a site search query.

“In effect our software helps the user complete his thought in real time as he types. As the search words begin to form, our software matches the characters typed so far against the history of past search queries and product data to find the most relevant matches,” explained a company spokesperson. “The suggestions are carefully chosen to reflect past sales and usage data. As a result, the customer is presented with suggestions that have the highest chance of resulting in a sale.”

Increased Customer Engagement And Sales

Since search suggestions are displayed in real time in response to each character typed into the site search box, a highly responsive and engaging experience is presented to the visitor.

Auto-Complete displays product images and review and rating stars to further enhance the visitor experience.

These search and product suggestions are specifically derived from historical behavior of the e-commerce site's visitors. It suggests the most popular products coupled with the most popular site search queries to guide the visitor to the ultimate goal of a successful sale.

Highly Customizable

This Auto-Complete implementation provides a high degree of customization to meet a site’s requirements.

The default list might include entries comprised of search suggestions and product suggestions. It can be further enhanced with suggestions derived from other product attributes, such as brand, usage, scent, axle diameter or any other product attribute the merchant uses to describe products.

The items in the list can be presented in any order and number desired.

Automatic Updates Keep Suggestions Fresh

The list of possible suggestions is constantly updated with the latest search and product information.

This is accomplished via an entirely automated process, not requiring involvement from management or its technical team.

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About CyberSiteSearch

CyberSiteSearch affords a proven methodology that combines site search, merchandizing, and search marketing features. Web sites using CyberSiteSearch experience increases in both the number of visitors from search engines and sales conversion rate.

The product is implemented using a "hosted" or "Software as a Service" (Saas) model, where all the software actually resides on the vendor's servers. As a result, merchants need not license or install costly and complicated software on their server.

"Merchant Friendly Pricing" is set at just pennies per SKU per month, making the product particularly attractive to small and medium size business web sites.

A free version is available for starter web sites.

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