Novalites Announce Six Effects with Outdoor Light Fixtures

Milton, Canada, September 08, 2013 --( Novalites has just announced how the company’s lighting specialists can enhance the backyard, bushes or garden with six different effects using their outdoor fight fixtures. Some of the effects that can be achieved with outdoor light fixtures include: Uplighting, which is when the light source is in the ground and directed in front of the object to be lit. This effect is common with a large shrub, a tree or an architectural feature in the garden. Cross lighting is uplighting with 2 or more fixtures located at different angles. Backlighting or silhouetting is when the light source illuminates the object or the plant from behind. This will define the outline of the object but keep its details in the dark.

Path lighting lights pathways and should be kept at ground level for a safe and comfortable lighting. Not only does this effect look great but it also provides safety for homeowners that like to entertain during summer nights in their backyard. Moonlighting shines light down from large trees or eaves to achieve a natural look that simulates moonlight. Finally, Washlighting is when the light source is placed as close as possible to the surface and brings out its texture.

Novalites works with a, “less is more” philosophy to achieve the most dramatic effect. The service consults with their clients to determine the best outdoor light fixtures for their outdoor space. The company can be contacted directly with questions and inquiries.

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Jean-Noël Jacquot