Is TV/Magazine Personality's Daughter Paying Too Much? Recent News Reports Suggest Higher Than Industry-Standard Costs for Fertility Therapy

West Columbia, SC, September 08, 2007 --( As the 41-year-old daughter of a famous TV and magazine personalty allegedly tries to get pregnant, a number of media outlets have reported that she is being treated with in vitro fertilization. Her reported fees are higher than industry standards according to a fertility expert.

Dr. Gail Whitman-Elia, founder and medical director of Advanced Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology Institute, LLC is not treating this patient but feels the quoted costs can mislead individuals and couples in need of fertility therapy.

“Time magazine quoted in vitro fertilization and stimulation drug costs for the daughter totaling as high as $33,000. Fees for a cycle of in vitro fertilization outside of New York and at Advanced Fertility in West Columbia, South Carolina, combined with the required fertility drugs, normally fall more in the $19-22.000 range for patients without any insurance coverage. Those with coverage that includes fertility benefits can expect costs more normally in the $12-13,000 range. Some state plans are so favorable that the out-of-pocket fees can fall well below $10,000”, states Dr. Whitman-Elia. “Couples in need of fertility therapy also need to know that there are many new financial options available to them to ease payment for services. Our practice even offers a plan that refunds money to patients should they not achieve a pregnancy.”


Gail Whitman-Elia, MD, FACOG is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist, a sub-specialty held by fewer than 2% of physicians nationwide. You can learn more about Dr. Whitman-Elia and her practice at

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