ProperHost Introduces SSD-Accelerated CloudLinux Hosting for Magento

Oslo, Norway, September 09, 2013 --( Web hosting provider ProperHost has launched a significant upgrade to their Magento hosting service, introducing a brand new technology platform based on CloudLinux and LiteSpeed Enterprise. New hosting packages and reseller plans are available, including advanced features such as RAID-10 SSD storage, Percona MySQL Server and Memcached.

"The new server technology is part of a total revamp of our Magento hosting platform. The purpose of the upgrade is to improve stability and performance of the server, as well as add new security features. We have made considerable investments by transitioning to a new pure SSD-accelerated solution, powered by CloudLinux and LiteSpeed Enterprise. The adoption of CloudLinux has had an immediate impact on load times, stability and customer experience of ProperHost's hosting services," says Sindre Paulsrud Moe, Founder and CEO at

"For years we have concentrated on creating a perfect OS for shared hosts," says Igor Seletskiy, CEO and founder of CloudLinux. "Our business is built on a commitment to our customers. That's why by deploying our OS ProperHost receives improved quality of shared hosting and 24/7 expert support to deliver the standard of service that their customers demand."

In shared hosting, a common reason for downtime is a single account slowing down other accounts on the server. If one customer is using an unfair amount of resources (e.g. due to being under a DDoS attack, poorly written script, etc.), the server would become slow or go down completely, affecting all other customers on the server. CloudLinux claims to improve the stability of the server by encapsulating each client in an isolated, secure environment called a Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE), restricting the amount of server resources that can be consumed by a single user.

"With CloudLinux, we are able to isolate the impact to the offending tenant only, while all other sites remain unaffected. The CloudLinux LVE technology is a real game changer; server administrators can quickly isolate resource abusers, at the same time customers will see the reliability and stability of their server improve over time. We are also excited to announce that all existing clients will enjoy the benefits of this upgrade," says Moe. "The migration process has already started, and we hope to have all clients moved to the new platform by the end of September."

CloudLinux also includes CageFS – a virtualized per-user file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer's files and running processes, preventing users from seeing each other and potentially exploiting sensitive information. CageFS offers complete isolation and prevents a large number of attacks, such as privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks.

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In line with the new platform, ProperHost also made available new hosting packages on their website. The Magento Optimized hosting starts with the Basic package, which includes 5GB of RAID10 SSD storage and 1 CPU core priced at USD $25 per month, while the Enterprise package allows 50GB storage and 3 CPU cores at USD $150 per month, and also includes a free SSL certificate. They have also published new reseller packages based on the same hosting platform starting at USD $75 per month. The hosting packages includes advanced features such as; Memcached, a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, Percona Server, an enhanced drop-in replacement for MySQL, which claims to offer better performance, scalability and optimizations when used together with flash storage such as SSDs.

"We believe our new offers are very competitive. We do not claim to be the cheapest, but take pride in providing a quality service for the premium market. Magento is not like the average web application in that it requires special hardware and software optimizations to run efficiently. After five years specializing in Magento hosting, we have gained valuable experience which allows us to optimize our servers in every corner," concludes Moe.


ProperHost is a leading hosting provider specializing in high-performance hosting and server optimizations for the Magento eCommerce software. Since its establishment in 2004, ProperHost has attained a solid market position in the premium hosting market through its devotion to mission-critical hosting and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company is based in Norway, with servers located in several US and UK data centers.

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About CloudLinux

CloudLinux was founded in 2009 to address the distinctive needs of web hosting providers. The company's headquarters are in Princeton, New Jersey, and its development team, composed of employees with an appreciable proficiency in the hosting business, is based in Donetsk, Ukraine. CloudLinux is a stable, privately funded company geared toward providing the ideal operating system (OS) to make even the most intricate and divergent hosting needs more straightforward. The company’s flagship OS is optimized to help hosting providers deliver more stable shared hosting services, with account isolation and resource allocation on an OS level.

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