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7 Foods Recommended by Ozeal Glasses for Healthy Eyesight

Ozeal Glasses Recommends 7 Foods for Good Eyesight

New York, NY, September 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ozeal Glasses is known for producing a wide range of fashionable Eyewear. However, their sole interest is not only in creating stylish glasses but also helping preserve one of man’s most valued senses – his sight. The Eyewear Company understands the importance of healthy food as part of a plan to improve eyesight naturally. If you are curious about how to improve eyesight through the right diet, continue reading to learn about these top foods for eye health.

Leafy greens
Kale, Spinach and Collards are great examples of leafy greens that contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin which help filter out the harmful rays of the sun. They also contain vitamin A which promotes good eyesight by protecting and maintaining healthy cells.

Oysters or other zinc enriched foods
Zinc is a very important vitamin for eyes and it can be found in oysters. A deficiency in zinc can lead to night vision difficulty, cataracts and poor vision overall. Oysters are usually considered to be quite the acquired taste so, if you aren’t particularly enthusiastic about this idea, you can use lobster, salmon, beef or milk as a substitute.

Apricots contain beta Carotene and Lycopene. This delicious and healthy food aids good eyesight because the body converts beta carotene into vitamin A. Vitamin A protects the eye tissues from damage and, in doing so, can help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration and maintain healthy blood flow to and from the eyes.

Sweet potatoes and carrots
Not only are sweet potatoes a delicious treat, but they can also help improve eyesight naturally. They are rich in vitamin A, and also contain vitamin C which is commonly associated with eye health. Carrots also contain a large percentage of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A. So, that must be the root behind the story of being able to see in the dark if you eat all your carrots.

Being such an important vitamin for eyes, Ozeal Glasses recommends consuming additional zinc by including eggs in your diet. In addition to this, eggs also contain important Omega-3 fatty acids and Lutein. They might not contain as much Lutein as leafy greens but the body can absorb them a lot easier from eggs.

Vitamin E in seeds and nuts
Vitamin E works wonders against the degeneration of one’s eyes and vision. Wheat germ is one of the top sources of vitamin E and you can also add sunflower seeds, almonds and peanut butter to that list. Interestingly enough, sweet potatoes also contain vitamin E which makes them that much more attractive to anyone looking to improve or preserve their eyesight.

Whether you are trying to learn how to improve eyesight or simply maintain your current level of vision, watching your diet will play a big part in it all. By following the right meal plan and protecting your eyes from a few other external influences, you can enjoy perfect eyesight for many years to come.
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