Urban Software Enters the International Market

Dubna, Russia, September 13, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Urban Software is a Russian software development company specializing in the software for touch-screen kiosks, payment terminals and touch tables. The company has a great experience in operation and sales in Russia. Now it is offering its products in the international market. The most popular Urban Software products are:

Urban Money – payment terminal system which can be used for reception or dispense of cash. Today, any owner of a small or medium business can increase his/her revenue replacing cashiers, promoters, administrators and vendors by an electronic cashier. The electronic cashier is a terminal consisting of a computer and a touch-screen display able to recognize and accept bills and coins, and dispense cash. The terminal is able to read and recognize barcodes, consider discount coupons and bonus cards. Car wash and gas stations, service and medical centers, dental clinics, educational institutions, theaters, cinemas, amusement parks, entertainment centers, bookstores is not a complete list of possible electronic cashier applications. It can be used in any area of business related to provision of services. The Urban Money cashier can replace any human cashier, but it is also able to perform work of promoter, consultant and administrator. The electronic cashier works without breaks and weekends. The cashier occupies minimal space and has a built-in detector authenticity of banknotes. Terminal’s owner can have accurate information about the available amount of money anytime.

You can try online version of the system by just opening the following link in Google Chrome at a touch-screen kiosk or on your PC: http://usrbb.ru/urbanMONEY2 and selecting full screen mode (F11). The proper screen resolution is: 1280×1024.

Urban CMS – universal information system for touch-screen kiosks, tables and terminals, which can be used in any field where information should be provided to various users (medicine, education, business services, banking, public service, etc.) The system can be installed at any type of touch-screen kiosk, terminal or table. An owner of the system can choose a design that is most suitable for his/her needs, can also personalize the system – specify title, add a logo, etc. The Urban CMS can display a screensaver in standby mode, structure and information pages, photo and video galleries, news, etc. It also allows a user to search through content. In order to solve specific problems, the functionality of the system can be extended according to additional agreements.

You can try online version of the system by just opening the following link in Google Chrome at a touch-screen kiosk or on your PC: http://usrbb.ru/urbanCMS2 and going to full screen mode (F11).

One can get an access to the administrator panel of the system or can even obtain personal online demo-version by sending a request on our e-mail: info@urbansoftware.ru
Urban Software
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