Mobile Home Online Seminar on Sale Teaches How to Make Money with Mobile Homes

Real estate investor training company, Cash Flow Depot, announces the marked-down price of Lonnie Scruggs’ Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp, an online seminar that teaches how to make money with mobile homes, parks and land deals.

Dallas, TX, September 11, 2013 --( Cash Flow Depot, a website dedicated to real estate investor training, is pleased to announce the marked-down price of the online seminar entitled, “Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp” by a brilliant author and mobile home investor, Lonnie Scruggs. The seminar teaches how to make money with mobile homes, mobile home parks, and land or home deals.

This online seminar is a video and audio recording of Lonnie Scruggs’ live seminar on October, 2011. According to Cash Flow Depot owner Jackie Lange, this live seminar was considered a historical event because Scruggs previously vowed that he no longer wanted to teach seminars. “We asked him if he will teach just one more class if we’re going to have it in his backyard. Thankfully he said yes,” says Jackie.

Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp contains topics such as “why used homes offer the biggest bang for the buck,” “how to find the home, sell the home and finance the home”, “How to determine the purchase price, sale price and structure the deal,” “money making questions to ask when negotiating with buyers and sellers,” “working with park managers,” “how to start with little or no money,” and many more.

Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp contains 24 videos, 14 audios, and a free eBook. 24/7 access is available to students who sign in and purchase the online seminar. This was previously offered at $199 but is now on sale at $99.50. “This is a great opportunity to learn cutting-edge information at a discounted price,” says Jackie Lange.

Many real estate investors call Lonnie Scruggs as the “Grandfather of Mobile Home Investing” because he was the first person to invent mobile home investing deals. Scruggs bought, sold, and financed real estate and mobile homes for 35 years, adequately supporting his lifestyle and a few luxuries on the side. Scruggs has made a fortune with mobile homes and brings his knowledge in his books, online seminars and training materials. Here are testimonials from previous seminar attendees:

“Very informative. A lot of great information provided. Inspired to get started! I really enjoyed meeting and hearing other people’s stories, deals, etc.” - Sheri Holland

“Very good seminar; covered a lot of ground. Definitely motivated me to take action and really see huge potential in the mobile home business. Who could have known!” – Andy Schlotterbeck

Ultimate Mobile Home Online Bootcamp is an online seminar with a step-by-step guide on how to make huge profits with mobile homes, mobile home parks, and land or home deals. Cash Flow Depot is currently offering it at a reduced price of $99. Interested parties may visit or call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1882 for more information.

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