Candle-Makers Respond to Consumer Toxicity Concerns

Los Angeles, CA, September 11, 2013 --( A preliminary survey conducted by Objects with Purpose (oWp), a "wearable" candle company, showed that 3 out of 4 of oWp's customers are paying attention to indoor pollution caused by many household candles and just under 70% of responders will pay more for a pure, non-toxic candle. In response, oWp created a body butter, essential-oil, cotton-wicked candle that may just be edible.

A typical lit candle may contaminate indoor air by releasing carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals. Lead wicks and paraffin wax often result in soot that contributes to asthma. Synthetic scents and gel candles further lower indoor air quality. With roughly 35% of oWp's candle users suffering from allergies and 22% experiencing headaches after burning candles, there is room for the health-conscious candle. (oWp Customer Survey, 2013)

Taking a random sample of its candle customers, oWp found that roughly half (45%) are heavy users, lighting candles 2-3 times per week. Eight out of ten responders purchase candles specifically for home use; candles are predominantly burned in living rooms and bedrooms. Most candle users (80%) are concerned about stress-reduction and, as word of toxicity spreads, more than half of all heavy candle users pay attention to the ingredients label. (oWp Customer Suvey, 2013)

A heightened level of consumer awareness has created space for the non-toxic, organic, essential oil-scented, cotton-wicked, butter-filled candle. You can practically eat it.

One such company is Objects with Purpose (oWp), the creator of a candle so pure it inadvertently became "wearable." Need body butter in the morning, massage oil in the evening, perfume in between? Just put your candle on. oWp’s hand-poured organic coconut, shea and apricot butter candle, scented (or not, your choice) with essential oils, is one of the industry’s more interesting answers to the toxic-candle conundrum.

About Objects with Purpose:
Founded in 2010 by Ianthe Mauro, Objects with Purpose is an artisan candle company based out of Topanga Canyon, CA. After years of lighting candles, Ianthe learned that many were toxic and set out to increase awareness and design the purest candle possible. oWp candles are sold in over 80 stores nationwide.

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