TFI Envision, Inc. Jumps Thru Hoops

Norwalk, CT, September 11, 2013 --( The TFI Envision team enjoyed a private hula hoop lesson on their patio from "Bring the Hoopla."

Hula hooping may seem rather childish, but there are actually a surprising number of benefits to an exercise involving hula hooping, including:

Helps burn fat: Hula hooping requires effort from some of the biggest muscles in the body. These muscles require a significant amount of energy, so it forces the body to burn fat stores.

Tones your body: Helps to strengthen and tone your body’s core muscles.

Increases your fitness level: It is a low impact exercise - 10 minutes can provide enough benefit to your body to increase aerobic activity.

Improves your mood: Of course it does, it’s just plain fun.

Improves your coordination: It requires timing and rhythm, which will improve your coordination.

A few interesting tidbits about hula hoop:
• The ancient Greeks used hooping as a form of exercise.
• Around 1300, hooping came to Great Britain, homemade versions of the toy became very popular.
• Japan once banned the hula hoop because the rotating hip action seems indecent.
• On June 4, 2005, Australian Kareena Oates set a Guinness world record for hula hooping - with 100 hoops for three full revolutions.
• 105 hoops were spun by Jin Linlin of China on October 28, 2007.

To arrange your own hula hoop lesson, go to

To see photos of the team (including the office mascot Honey) enjoying the lesson, go to the TFI Envision Facebook page.

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