Final Results Are in...TFI Envision Wins a Total of 36 AGDA Awards

TFI Envision, Inc. is pleased to share some exciting news...a distinguished panel of design/marketing/advertising experts, has chosen TFI Envision as winners of an additional 17 awards for a total of 36 Awards for American Graphic Design & Advertising 32 (AGDA). Founded as American Corporate... - September 14, 2019

TFI Envision Reaches the Summit for 2019

TFI Envision, Inc. was selected by an international panel of judges as winners in the Package Design category. - September 11, 2019

Initial Results Are In...TFI Envision Wins 19 AGDA Awards So Far

TFI Envision, Inc. is pleased to share the results of their initial entries in the American Graphic Design & Advertising 32 Awards (AGDA). Founded as American Corporate Identity (ACI) by logo and graphics expert David E. Carter, the competition has become a mainstay in the recognition of... - September 05, 2019

TFI Envision Develops Ad Campaign for NAPA® Echlin® and Tech Expert® Brands

TFI Envision, Inc. was selected to develop a new advertising campaign for NAPA® Echlin® and Tech Expert® automotive aftermarket parts. The target audience is making buying decisions based on either brand loyalty or product efficacy and NAPA® has always stood firmly behind the... - August 22, 2019

Museum Access™ Educational Materials Design by TFI Envision

TFI Envision was selected by Museum Access™ to design their “Museum Access™ Classroom Series” of educational materials. - August 18, 2019

Graphics3 Selects TFI Envision

Graphics3, Inc. reached out to TFI Envision, Inc. to develop the illustration graphics for their new “Fire Station” Pop-Up Christmas Card Ornament for their 2019 catalog. Graphics3, Inc. supplied TFI Envision’s creative team with a blank fire station structure that magically... - August 11, 2019

ICWG Selects TFI Envision for Trade Ad Campaign

In an effort to increase awareness of their express exterior car wash acquisitions program in the US, they selected TFI Envision, Inc. to develop a Trade Ad Awareness Campaign. - July 18, 2019

TFI Envision President Joins Impact Fairfield County

Elizabeth P. Ball, President and Creative Director of TFI Envision, Inc. has now joined Impact Fairfield County as Marketing and Communications Co-Chair. Impact Fairfield County is a collective giving circle that engages women of Fairfield County, CT in local philanthropy on a deeper level. It... - July 13, 2019

City of Norwalk Taps TFI Envision, Inc.

The City of Norwalk selected TFI Envision, Inc. to develop the collateral pieces for the new Carryout Bag Ordinance that takes effect July 8, 2019. The ordinance prohibits the use of plastic carryout bags and provides for a 10-cent charge for carryout bags made of paper. The ordinance applies to... - July 10, 2019

TFI Envision Wins Award in Graphis Poster Competition

TFI Envision, Inc. is thrilled to have won an award in the Graphis Poster Competition. All entries were judged by a panel of highly accomplished, award-winning Poster Designers. - June 19, 2019

TFI Envision Delivers Playtex Baby™ Diaper Genie® Quick Caddy™

Edgewell Personal Care reached out to TFI Envision to create the new sub-brand logo and bilingual packaging carton for their new product innovation – the Playtex Baby™ Diaper Genie® Quick Caddy™ Mini Portable Diaper Pail. The logo for this line extension needed to communicate... - June 12, 2019

SMP Selects TFI Envision, Inc. to Develop Their 2018 Annual Report

SMP once again select TFI Envision, Inc. to develop their 2018 annual report. This is the seventh consecutive year of TFI Envision designing the SMP Annual Report. - June 07, 2019

TFI Envision's VP is Guest Lecturer at Housatonic Community College

Housatonic Community College (HCC) was the setting for a guest lecture led by Mary Ellen (“M.E.”) Butkus, VP and Sr. Art Director at TFI Envision, Inc., with thirty up and coming graphic designers on April 15, 2019. The Monday morning “discussion” with second year graphic... - June 02, 2019

TFI Envision Tasked with Multilingual Projects

With the ever increasing globalization of goods and services, TFI Envision, Inc. has been tasked by many clients to create packaging, promotions, advertising, digital and more with one, two, three or more languages. “Incorporating several languages into a package design or advertising can be... - May 03, 2019

SMP Taps TFI Envision for Two More Scholarship Programs

Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP) tapped TFI Envision, Inc. again to help facilitate two more Automotive Scholarship programs - Blue Streak® "Stronger Than Ever" Automotive Scholarship Contest and Standard®"Bigger, Better Diesel" Automotive Scholarship Contest. The... - April 27, 2019

SilverSource Taps TFI Envision, Inc.

When SilverSource began their planning for their 19th Annual SilverSource Charity Golf Outing, they reached out to TFI Envision, Inc. to develop the event materials including the invitation and the sponsorship opportunities brochure. - April 24, 2019

TFI Envision and National Car Care Month

The Car Care Council designated April as National Car Care Month to bring attention to the importance of car care and preventative maintenance. - April 19, 2019

TFI Envision Wins Six American Package Design Awards

This annual competition celebrates well-designed graphics, but more importantly the power of design to tell the story, convey the brand promise, and to forge an emotional connection with the buyer at the moment of truth. - April 13, 2019

SMP Taps TFI Envision for Scholarship Program Once Again

Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP) tapped TFI Envision, Inc. again to help facilitate their 2019 Intermotor® "Import Leader" Automotive Scholarship Competition, which will present four deserving students with a $5,000 scholarship each. In 2014 when this program first began, TFI... - April 10, 2019

President of TFI Envision Serves as Judge-Mentor for “EXCITE Transformation For Libraries” Core Program

Elizabeth Ball, President and Creative Director of TFI Envision, Inc., had a front seat to an intriguing program when she was asked recently to serve as a one of six Judge-Mentors for the “EXCITE Transformation For Libraries” Core Program. - March 31, 2019

TFI Envision VP Attends Women in Auto Care Leadership Conference

The bi-annual Women in Auto Care Leadership Conference took place February 27- 28 in New Orleans, LA (NOLA). TFI Envision’s Vice President, Mary Ellen Butkus, represented their woman-owned strategic design and marketing agency. “The conference is a great place to reconnect with clients... - March 28, 2019

TFI Envision, Inc. Welcomes Spring Intern from Housatonic Community College

TFI Envision, Inc. is delighted to welcome their newest team member, Maritza Quintuña. She is a graphic design candidate from Housatonic Community College, completing an independent study internship toward her Associates degree expected May 2019. This hardworking and talented student will... - March 07, 2019

PRSA-WestFair Meeting to Feature TFI Envision President

The Public Relations Society of America Westchester/Fairfield Chapter’s Peer Group Meeting has invited Elizabeth P. Ball, President and Creative Director of TFI Envision, Inc. to lead the discussion from noon to 1:45 PM on March 21, 2019 at the Pierce Ball Gallery, in Stamford, CT. The topic... - March 01, 2019

TFI Envision Takes Top International Summit Emerging Media Award

TFI Envision, Inc. was selected as a Leader Award Winner in the 2018 Summit Emerging Media Award competition. - February 24, 2019

TFI Envision Works with Building One Community on Immigrant Rights Informational Materials

TFI Envision, Inc. offered creative services to create Building One Community™ branded information flyers. - February 20, 2019

Tfi Envision and Skip the Plastic Norwalk Are Making a Difference

Thanks to the supremely talented group at TFI Envision, Skip the Plastic Norwalk’s visual identity is first-rate. - February 15, 2019

TFI Envision Continues to Assist Baby Dove

TFI Envision, Inc. has been assisting the Baby Dove team in adapting the new packaging graphics to various product sizes and SKUs. - February 13, 2019

TFI Envision Chosen for Standard, Blue Streak and Four Seasons Logo and Packaging Refresh

SMP selected TFI Envision, Inc. to reposition their Standard®, Blue Streak® and FourSeasons® brands, and refresh their brand logos and packaging. - February 08, 2019

TFI Envision Helps BBB Industries Welcome the Alliance to AAPEX

TFI Envision’s creative team worked together with the BBB Industries marketing team to develop a plan of action to transform their booth into a welcoming stop for the Alliance members. - February 03, 2019

Rapid Slicer Taps TFI Envision

Rapid Slicer® selected TFI Envision because of their history of developing packaging that delivers shelf impact, clear communication to the shopper and ultimately increased sales, to update their existing Rapid Slicer® product packaging. - January 31, 2019

TFI Envision Designs Skip the Plastic Norwalk Website

Skip the Plastic Norwalk asked TFI Envision, Inc. to design their website - TFI Envision had initially developed the Skip the Plastic Norwalk / Skip the Straw Norwalk logos, which have already garnered a prestigious Silver Award from Graphis Typography and an... - January 26, 2019

TFI Envision, Inc. Tapped by zMAX®

With the launch of an all new household and automotive lubricant to compete with the major players, zMAX® reached out to TFI Envision recently to develop the new packaging graphics for their new product, zMAX® Multi-Purpose Lube. - January 12, 2019

OptiCat Taps TFI Envision, Inc.

OptiCat reached out to TFI Envision, Inc. for their expertise in developing strategic brand positioning campaigns. - January 05, 2019

TFI Envision, Inc. Honored with 1,410 Awards ...So Far

In 2018, TFI Envision, Inc. marked their 43rd year in business and has garnered 1,410 awards for design excellence (since they started counting in 1983). Their wonderful clients continue to challenge them and they are thankful for the opportunities their clients give them to show their creativity... - December 19, 2018

The Negg® Taps TFI Envision, Inc. for Advertising Campaign

Airigan Solutions, LLC, maker of the Negg®, reached out to TFI Envision to develop a new ad campaign for placement specifically in WW (Weight Watchers) magazine. - December 14, 2018

TFI Envision Earns 9 Awards from American Graphic Design 2018

Graphic Design USA judges announced the winners of their American Graphic Design Awards 2018, which included 9 projects designed by TFI Envision, Inc., represented in 5 different categories of design. - November 16, 2018

TFI Envision Develops "See Better, Drive Safer" Campaign

TFI Envision developed the “See Better, Drive Safer” theme, to reinforce the importance of visibility. - November 11, 2018

Three MarCom Awards for TFI Envision

TFI Envision, Inc. was awarded two Gold Awards and one Honorable Mention Award from the 2018 MarCom Awards Competition. - November 08, 2018

TFI Envision, Inc. VP Joins Goodwill Volunteer Board of Directors

TFI Envision’s Vice President, Mary Ellen Butkus, was asked to join the Goodwill of Western and Northern Connecticut’s Volunteer Board of Directors. “I am honored to have been selected to the Board of Directors and to have the opportunity to contribute in the mission of... - October 20, 2018

CREATIVE’s Magazine of Promotion & Marketing Includes TFI Envision, Inc.

CREATIVE Magazine is targeted to sales promotion and marketing executives who manage Point-of-Purchase Display, Trade Show Exhibit and Sales Promotion Programs. Two projects designed by TFI Envision, Inc. were selected for inclusion in their September 2018 magazine. NAPA® NihtVision™... - October 14, 2018

TFI Envision and Pink Imperfection Host an Evening of Creative Activities

TFI Envision hosted an evening of creative activities and conversation to launch a new website called The guests all shared a common interest in any type of fiber craft and art, including knitting, embroidery, needlepoint, sewing, crocheting, beading, quilting, felting and... - October 11, 2018

TFI Envision, Inc. is a Health + Wellness Design Awards 2018 Winner

TFI Envision is thrilled to have won a Health + Wellness Design Award for the poster they developed for Angel Flight NE’s “Sue Baer Memorial Run the Runway 5k Run.” - October 05, 2018

TFI Envision, Inc. Trusted Partner of Leading Automotive Aftermarket Companies

TFI Envision, Inc. has been a trusted strategic marketing and design partner for some of the leading automotive aftermarket companies for over 18 years. - September 28, 2018

TFI Envision Hits It Out of the Park - Nine Wins for Nine Entries

TFI Envision, Inc. is thrilled to have won awards for all 9 entries in the Graphis Branding 7 Competition. - September 23, 2018

TFI Envision, Inc. Wins Gold

TFI Envision is thrilled to have won a Gold Award for BBB Industries OE Overhaul :30 second TV Spot – Slider. - September 01, 2018

TFI Envision Helps with Clarity of Purpose for Homes With Hope

HWH reached out to TFI Envision, Inc. for their brand overview and research services. - August 26, 2018

TFI Envision Tapped for PEAK® NHRA Track Activation Program

TFI Envision, Inc. was tapped by Old World Industries to bring to life the NHRA Track Activation Program for their PEAK® Coolant products Advertising Campaign. - August 23, 2018

TFI Envision Develops Graphics for New Pop-Ups

TFI Envision’s creative team developed the graphic illustration for Graphics3 Inc.’s all new “Sweet Shop” Pop-Up Christmas Card. - August 17, 2018

TFI Envision Creates New Logo and Poster for 5K Charity Run at EWR

The Susan Baer Memorial “Run the Runway” 5K Run is an annual event held in honor of Susan Baer to raise funds and awareness for charities that are making a difference within our communities. - August 03, 2018

TFI Envision Wins Awards of Excellence from CADC

TFI Envision received two Awards of Excellence at the 43rd Annual CADC Awards Show. - July 28, 2018

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