Expert from Rentokil Pest Control Malaysia Explains How Bird Infestation Impacts the Food Processing and Manufacturing Sectors

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 18, 2013 --( Unlike the common pests such as termites, rats, ants and cockroaches, birds seem harmless and often omitted from the list of the most wanted pests. Damages caused by birds are often regarded as not prominent or severe compared to the earlier mentioned pests. Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Malaysia, Carol Lam says, “Bird infestation in food processing or food-related industries, especially at material storage areas or warehouses, is a serious matter because inadequate control can lead to heavy infestation and possibly serious consequences to consumer health due to contaminated goods. Food industry players also would not want to risk failing their audit or inspection with the presence of birds.”

Julie Na, Senior Technical Manager of Rentokil Malaysia with over 10 years of experience in pest control has identified some of the most common pest bird behaviour in the urban areas of Malaysia:

• Pigeons or some may affectionately regard it as "rats of the sky" carry a wide range of bacteria including Salmonella that causes food poisoning and Ornithosis, which is transmissible to humans causing flulike syndrome.

• Just like pigeons, starlings are also disease carriers and they often flock into cities in large numbers, roosting in buildings, industrial structures, or on trees nearby. Starlings can also be seen at livestock farms/ factories due to their selective diet on high-protein supplements that are often added to livestock rations.

• Swifts and swallows are home to arthropod parasites such as bird mites and bird bugs. These birds seek to build nests at buildings and carry the parasites along. In the absence of the original bird host, these parasites will then seek out to attack humans, posting health threats such as severe itching, a large inflamed area or small welts on human skin. Furthermore, swifts and swallow create noise pollution by emitting a sharp “vit” call in flight.

• Sparrows may appear small and cute, but these are opportunistic foragers that would be happy to collect our discarded food. House sparrows live in close association with humans for food and nesting areas. Furthermore, sparrows can also be frequently seen in granary or rice storage areas foraging on these goods. Manufacturers will not only suffer monetary loss on their contaminated goods, but fecal contamination such as bird feathers and droppings can lead them to greater consequences such as failing to meet the food safety audit and jeopardising business reputation.

• Crows are by far the most annoying bird species amongst all where they tend to gather in large number around people, producing squawking and grating sounds that cause noise pollution. They have adapted well to the urban environment where they readily feed on road kills, garbage, refuse, and leaving large amounts of droppings around.

Birds normally perch at areas such as building roof tops, awnings, fences, ledges and many more. Besides defacing and accelerating the deterioration of building properties, bird uric acid droppings also contain pathogenic fungi, some of which can be harmful or even fatal to humans. Their nesting materials block rain gutters and down-pipes, which results in overflow of water that can lead to timber decay, broken rendering, ruined decorations and even lead to severe structural damages in a long run.

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