Rentokil Initial Malaysia Gives Back to Communities Through CSR Programme in Petaling Jaya

By living with a mission of “Protecting People, Enhancing Lives,” Rentokil Initial Malaysia, recognised as the market leader in pest control and hygiene service, giving back to the local community by donating 42 units of refurbished laptops to SIBKL Orang Asli Mission Semenanjung (OAMS)... - September 09, 2020

Food Contamination and Hygiene Practices in Supply Chain Industry

Do you know how food contamination happens in supply chain management? Find out more information on how to achieve a better sustainable supply chain risk management? - August 22, 2018

Rentokil Initial Continues Its Efforts in Strengthening Food Safety Standards with GFSI

Think about the number of meals we have in a day, and the different varieties of food that we eat, are we confident that it is safe for consumption? In a recent 2016 Food Safety Survey, 5 out of 10 respondents think it is more common to get food poisoning from restaurants compared to food prepared... - March 08, 2018

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares if Malaysians’ Attitude are Contributing to Increasing Dengue Cases

The words dengue and Aedes are no stranger to fellow Malaysians. With the alarming figures rising on dengue cases across nations, could this be a wake up call for Malaysians to take proactive steps and fight against this deadly pest? - October 24, 2017

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Kicked Off Supply Chain Risk Management Workshops and Launched PestConnect and Lumnia

Themed “Innovating Supply Chain Risk Management Through Science And Technologies,” experts from Rentokil Initial demonstrate to the participants just how important innovations are in managing food safety. The workshops were held at Spice Convention Centre in Penang and Double Tree by... - August 27, 2017

Rentokil Initial Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence in Malaysia

Rentokil Initial shares insights on their innovations as the company celebrates its 50th anniversary in Malaysia. - May 27, 2017

Survey Reveals That Malaysians’ Attitude Could be Contributing to Termites Infestation

Termites are commonly found in Malaysia due to our tropical climate that is conducive to their growth. Besides that, could termites also strive due to our actions? - April 19, 2017

Rentokil Aims to Break the Mosquito Life Cycle Through Collective Efforts to Save Lives

Acting as Aedes Fighters, dedicated volunteers from Rentokil Initial Malaysia have worked together on a mission to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds, reducing the mosquito population, and to create healthier and safer environments for our communities. This nationwide initiative is part of the... - January 04, 2017

Survey by Initial Hygiene Reveals That Unhygienic Workplaces Are Affecting Employees' Productivity

A hygienic workplace should be a mandatory practice to keep the workforce happy, both employers and employees alike. Spending longer hours at work makes it all the more crucial to implement proper workplace hygiene. - December 22, 2016

Initial Malaysia Aims to Cultivate Good Hygiene Practices Among Office Employees Through Hygiene Detective Campaign

Initial Hygiene Malaysia’s 2016 Hygiene Detective campaign is driving a mini contest and professional hygiene survey to create awareness on workplace hygiene. Through this campaign, they strive to cultivate good hygiene practices among people to promote a safer work environment. - November 08, 2016

Rentokil Malaysia Battling Rising Dengue and Zika Cases with Integrated Mosquito Management Programme

Besides the high number of dengue cases in Malaysia, Zika infections have also started to emerge locally. Learn what could be the main contributory factors and what can be done to curb this. - October 10, 2016

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Reveals Vital Importance of Proactive Bed Bug Management in Hotels to Prevent Future Infestations

Bed bug problem is one of the key factors that ruin guests' experience in a hotel. Learn what hoteliers can do to minimise the risk of potential bed bug infestation. - June 26, 2016

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares Expert Insights on DIY Termite Solutions

Termite infestations have always been a horrible nightmare to homeowners around the globe. Seeing this desperate situation as a business opportunity, do-it-yourself (DIY) termite solutions are now widely marketed as a cheaper options to the homeowners. But the big question is, are these DIY treatments effective, or do they cause more damage than good? - March 18, 2016

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Combats Aedes Mosquito Through a Holistic Integrated Mosquito Management Programme

Up to 7th November 2015, dengue claimed a total of 283 deaths in Malaysia. This showed a significant growth of 73% compared to the same period last year. To combat this deadly threat, Rentokil Initial Malaysia launched their new holistic solution through a community event. - December 02, 2015

Initial Hygiene Malaysia Launched Hygiene Detective Campaign in Conjunction with World Toilet Day

Initial, the Experts in Hygiene are spreading awareness on good hygiene habits with Hygiene Detective. The nationwide initiative is launched in conjunction with Global Hand Washing and World Toilet Day, which both are also dedicated to highlighting sanitation issues and the importance of good hygiene. Initial Hygiene aims to cultivate a good hygiene habit among the community via this campaign, providing fun facts and insights through interactive games and videos. - November 22, 2015

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Addresses the Magnitude of Stored Product Insects Infestation in Food Supply Chain Management

Stored product insects (SPI) can infiltrate the food supply chain through multiple entry points and experts from Rentokil Initial Malaysia are sharing how SPI impact the food losses in Asia. - September 24, 2015

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares Useful Insights on Dengue Outbreak in Conjunction with ASEAN Dengue Day

15th June marks the ASEAN Dengue Day; an annual campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of dengue and Aedes mosquitoes. Experts share useful insights on global innovations and factors that contributed to the significant spike in dengue cases in Malaysia. - June 18, 2015

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Creates Awareness on the Threats of Termite Invasion on Annual Termite Week

Termites may be tiny but this silent destroyer has been proven to be one of the most feared pests by most homeowners around the globe. - March 23, 2015

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Introduces Sanitation Practices to Minimise the Risk of Food Contamination

As food contamination and recall cases are rising each year, experts from Rentokil Initial Malaysia are sharing some cleaning and sanitation practises in a food processing facility as part of an effective Integrated Pest Management programme. - December 11, 2014

Rentokil Initial Malaysia’s New Hygiene Range Helps Reduce Illnesses in the Office

October marks the annual Global Handwashing month to raise awareness on the importance of hand hygiene in our lives. Experts are sharing interesting facts on microbial diseases that you should know, and how Signature by Initial Hygiene can help reduce contamination risks, especially at work. - October 11, 2014

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Celebrates Pest Control Heritage with a Twist of Fun

In conjunction with 2014 ASEAN Pest Summit, Rentokil has set up Pestaurant, an event to commemorate all the pest experts who have worked hard to keep pests under control. - September 08, 2014

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares the Importance of Pest Exclusion Strategies and Introduces myRentokil, an Enhanced Online Reporting System

IPM is a holistic pest management programme that relies on a combination of monitoring process and proactive methods. Pest exclusion focuses on controlling and eliminating potential pest entry points within the production facility to minimise pest infestations in a premises. - September 08, 2014

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Introduces Structured Survey to Improve Hygiene Standards in the Office

Employees are more prone to fall sick in the office because the risk of cross contamination is higher. By identifying the germ hotspots, it helps employers to take appropriate action in order to elevate the hygiene standards in the workplace. - July 22, 2014

Rentokil Initial Malaysia Launches an Enhanced Online Reporting System to Support Risk Management

Food & beverage manufacturing, industrial & manufacturing, and food related businesses amongst those to benefit from tailored online integrated pest management system - July 10, 2014

Rentokil Malaysia Shares Insights on Why Progressive Education on Pest Exclusion is Important for an Effective Supply Chain Risk Management

Providing employees with proactive pest education can help in supporting the pest management process especially in food processing facilities. Learn how basic pest knowledge allows employees to practice preventive measures before pest infestation happens. - June 12, 2014

Initial Hygiene Malaysia Introduces the Ways to Enhance Your Office Environment with Its Premium Scenting Solutions

Ambient scenting is now one of the sought after methods in olfactory stimuli to improve performance in human population and to create a lasting positive impression. 75% of the emotions that we experienced daily are generated by our sense of smell, which make this method an influential element in cultivating a happier workplace. - April 02, 2014

Initial Hygiene Malaysia Shares 3 Important Elements of Having Feminine Hygiene Units in the Office Female Washrooms

Sanitary disposal bins or feminine hygiene units are a necessity for any washroom at workplace. - November 18, 2013

Expert from Rentokil Pest Control Malaysia Explains How Bird Infestation Impacts the Food Processing and Manufacturing Sectors

Unlike the common pests such as termites, rats, ants and cockroaches, birds seem harmless and often omitted from the list of the most wanted pests. Damages caused by birds are often regarded as not prominent or severe compared to the earlier mentioned pests. Managing Director of Rentokil Initial... - September 18, 2013

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