REJUVEE™ Announces Quadro Polar RF

The next generation Radio Frequency (RF) technology is being introduced by Rejuvee™ in North America. This newest quadruple Radio Frequency device with blue light is a high-frequency generator with four poles that is extremely beneficial to the skin and tissue. The fourth pole produces a more pleasant feel to clients, and the treatment is better and longer lasting than the predecessor’s 3-Polar device.

Riverdale, NY, September 14, 2013 --( In order to achieve better and more effective treatment results, Electronic Pluton, incorporated the additional PDT-blue light therapy in this product, which accelerates production of collagen and revitalizes skin.

Quadro–Polar RF is based on BRF Technology (Burst Repetition Frequency). Combined with real–time continuous thermal skin monitoring, this technology provides effectiveness and side effect free treatments. Quadro Polar RF is designed to produce skin-tightening; it also removes unwanted fat and toxins. The new treatment is based on two RF effects: fat cells drainage/breakage and skin rejuvenation and lifting.

“With the RF energy, we can increase the metabolism of the connective tissues and break / shrink the fat cells trapped inside them, resulting in a smooth, cellulite free skin,” explains Dr. Matovski, Principle of Rejuvee™ and Executive Trainer for this breakthrough technology. “The device is based on a patented Quadro Polar RF technology for deep penetration through the skin with a limited influence on the epidermis,” continues Bojana. “The procedure is painless, even pleasant; there is a feeling of warmth and it is very comforting to the patient/client.”

What’s so unique and new for the four-phase Radio Frequency is that it uses two special QPolar RF heads with blue light, one for face and another for the body, which can be applied for weight loss programs under proper supervision.

QPolar Radio Frequency Skin Resurfacing
"Now, we know more about QPolar RF skin treatments, which have been touted as non-invasive techniques to treat skin laxity, particularly on the face, neck, and upper arms.

"I am asking for patient references. I see patients who have QPolar RF procedures and compare the result with their photos before. I was delighted. I think it is difficult for prospective patients to make a reasonable evaluation about what technology would be helpful with so much marketing going on. My advice, if you’re considering this treatment, is to very carefully study the before and after photos of patients who have had RF skin treatments." -Robert Falcione, MD, NJ

"I was morbidly obese and I was determined to get healthy. I lost 113 pounds in about 14 months. Even though I exercised, and weight trained I had some loose skin afterwards. I definitely knew I did not want to get skin removal surgery. I was recommended the Tri-Polar treatments. I had these treatments last year for my face and neck and I loved the results. Bojana recommended the Quatro treatments for my arms and abdomen. I have had 3 treatments so far, and I have noticed the difference on both areas already. I am very satisfied with the overall results of both of these treatments." - Patti Murillo Casa

"I thought my friend was crazy when she told me about ultrasound cavitation RF & Body Sculpting, but as she began to look younger–not to mention happier–I had to try it myself. Now I’m on my 6th session and I’m already amazed at the results!" -M. Guyardo, LA

"Finally, without foundations, my acne scars began to disappear. These treatments helped me restore my self-confidence. If you asked me for the advice – this is the miracle of the 21st century." Miss Jeremy – NJ

More testimonials can be found in the company’s website.

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High resolution images of the machines and “before and after” pictures are available.

Dr. Bojana Matovski is available for interviews.

About Pluton Electronics:
Pluton electronic has been manufacturer electronic equipment for last 19 years. The company specializes in a full line of clinically proven, non-invasive and non-surgical treatment platforms for wrinkles, cellulite, circumference reduction and skin tightening. The equipment includes muscle stimulators, Jonos, D’Arsonval, Miolift, Epilator, Radiowave lifting, Radio-frequency, Meso sens therapy without needles, Rejuvenation of the facial and body skin, Skin Scrubber ultrasound peeling, etc.

Apart from the standard equipment that has been used in physical therapy and medicine, such as Diadynamic, TENS, interferential and exponential currents, magnets, low-and high-power lasers, as well as the 1 MHz and 3 MHz ultrasound, we have been producing cosmetics equipment for the last nine years as well.

About Dr. Bojana Matovski:
The “Beauty Doctor” holds a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Belgrade, the capital of former Yugoslavia. Bojana has studied with such leading providers as plastic surgeon, Dr. Jadran Dondic, Nenad Stepic; Dr.Zoran Stojcic, a maxilla-facial surgical specialist who has used Pluton Electronic at the Mayo Clinic; and at Jacksonville University Hospital, as well as with Dr. Zarko Borovic of Orea – Special Hospital for Plastic Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery. After completing this extensive training, Bojana is internationally certified to educate/ train others in the use of all Pluton Electronics devices which are used in conjunction with hospitals specializing in aesthetic plastic surgery. Bojana’s motto at work is “rejuvenate the skin – hold up aging!” For more details on Bojana’s achievements, education and vision go to Because of her outstanding achievements Worldwide, Who’s Who in American Education 2012-13, recognized Bojana Matovski, as Owner, Trainer, and Educator of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs, and in May 2012, the National Association of Professional Women named her Woman of the Year 2012/2013.
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