PW Trenchless Help Clients Meet Carbon Emissions Reduction Objectives with Latest Trenchless Technology

Vancouver, Canada, September 15, 2013 --( BC-based trenchless construction specialist PW Trenchless is now helping utilities companies across Canada achieve a reduction in their on-site constriction work through the utilization of cutting-edge trenchless systems. With carbon emissions reduction a priority now and global carbon credit policies in place, many firms can capitalize on the inherent advantages of utilizing trenchless technology to help reduce the impact of their work on the global environment.

Over the next 30-to-40 years, a large percentage of the existing sewage facilities that are now responsible for moving removing sewage and providing local residents access to potable water will require replacement. Using traditional construction methods for such a task would require large amounts of fossil fuels in order to dig up the trench and ship the required filling products out of the country of origin and into the country where the construction is taking place. It’s for this reason and many more that governmental agencies are now reviewing the financial and environmental cost of this work and are looking at ways to help limit the effect of traditional construction and excavation methods on the above-ground environment.

The use of trenchless construction has been shown to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions during a typical sewage line replacement project by up to 92%. And so many firms are now working with experts such as PW Trenchless in meeting their commitment to the natural environment and their carbon emissions reduction targets, while also saving costs in terms of time-to-completion.

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