Unique Workshops Provide Key Knowledge and Skills for Those Assisting Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life

PsychArmor provides three different workshops offered throughout the US to educate Americans on how to welcome back our warriors.

San Diego, CA, September 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- We have all heard about the rise in military suicides and increase in PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) amongst our troops, high unemployment for veterans, spike in military sexual assault… the list goes on. PsychArmor is conducting specialized trainings to mental health providers, human resource employees, managers, volunteers, health care workers, etc. to work confidently and effectively with these populations.

PsychArmor's Certified Military Mental Health Provider workshop is the only in-person certification training in the country that is comprehensive and provides mental health practitioners (Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Psychiatrists, etc.) all the background knowledge needed to treat service members and certification as CMMHP (Certified Military Mental Health Provider).

Research has shown that there is a lack of commonality amongst those military and vets that have died through suicide. Some have had multiple deployments, while others have never deployed, some married with children, others single. One of the few similarities found is that individuals had reached out for help weeks, days, even hours before taking their lives. Their experiences were always the same... they did not feel the therapist understood them and therefore unfortunately rapport was never established.

Clinical military and civilian experts have designed the course, which includes speeches, panel discussions, and videos that have been filmed exclusively for PsychArmor that depict military life and common issues by service members, spouses & children. Continuing Education credits will be given for Social Workers, Marriage Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Educational Psychologists. Workshops. Trainings are scheduled throughout the country over the coming months.

PsychArmor has a one-day Military Friendly Company Certificate designed to help Human Resource employees gain the imperative and necessary military knowledge to assist in the veteran transition back to the private work force. A recent military impact study was found that although companies want to hire veterans, in private phone conversations they admit they are reluctant to because of fears surrounding PTSD. In a June 2012 report, The Center for a New American Security noted that one of the main barriers to hiring veterans is that businesses struggle to understand how military skills translate to increasing the bottom line.

PsychArmor’s Company Training will help organizations learn how to address these transition issues and develop an appropriate program to accommodate our service men and women, thereby enhancing their retention and productivity. Companies can hire PsychArmor to train in-house or they can send their HR staff to one of the existing trainings throughout the country.

PsychArmor also offers a comprehensive half-day Military Life & Culture Workshop designed for employees, managers, volunteers, healthcare providers and anyone that comes into contact with Active Duty military & Veterans that would benefit by learning more about their unique lifestyle.

PsychArmor’s trainings are conducted by Marjorie Morrison, a civilian mental health provider who has worked extensively with military populations and authored the book The Inside Battle: Our Military Mental Health Crisis, along with recently retired Sgt Maj Mark O’Loughlin.

Mark served the majority of his career in Infantry Battalions completing nine deployments which included Desert Shield/Storm and three tours in Iraq. The last two years of his service were as the Sgt. Major of Wounded Warrior Battalion West at Camp Pendleton, CA.

Theresa Roman, MS is the Curriculum Advisor and is a Mental Health Clinician at the VA in San Diego. Her emphasis has been on working with military veterans and families as both a mental health clinician and by her work at the VASDHS (VA San Diego Healthcare System). She is experienced in psychological assessments, group and individual counseling, and victim advocacy. PsychArmor also brings in guest speakers as subject experts in Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Domestic Violence and Suicide.

Information on the programs or how you can help can be found at the website PsychArmor has launched, as well as program schedules and other information on how you can help get involved in helping our returning soldiers.
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