Teresina Soapstone Now Offer Soapstone Countertops for Outdoor Applications

Roseville, CA, September 17, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Leading Northern California-based specialists for Brazilian-sourced soapstone materials, Teresina Soapstone has introduced a new suite of materials for soapstone countertops. The company’s latest catalogue additions are considered to be the ideal solutions for outdoor applications in which clients require materials that are resistant to extreme temperature conditions.

Soapstone’s thermal qualities make the product exceptionally suitable for outdoor areas. The material works to transfer heat evenly across an outdoor area surface, thereby reducing the intensity of heat in one specific outdoor area. Homeowners building outdoor barbeque areas will find that soapstone offers the natural choice as a decorating material because hot pans can be placed on the surface without affecting the aesthetic or structural quality of the soapstone architecture.

Another leading reason behind the increased use of soapstone countertops in outdoor areas is that the product does not harbor bacteria. The non-porous nature of the material means that bacteria have no place to enter into the countertop. This means that homeowners with young family members will achieve the ideal safe outdoor addition to their living environment when they select soapstone materials through the newly updated Teresina Soapstone catalogue.

Green Minas soapstone is one of the latest products available through Teresina Soapstone. This bright and enchanting material is designed to be utilized in sunny areas, where it presents a greenish hue that will enhance the appearance of all outdoor areas. It’s bright, contemporary and designed to integrate within any current décor arrangement.

One of the reasons clients are now integrating Green Minas material within their outdoor areas is that the durability of the material means that the product retains its color for many years. This means that it not only provides homeowners with that perfect addition for outdoor social occasions, but will also improve the value of property should owners decide it’s time to sell.

In terms of return on investment, there are few outdoor additions that offer the value of soapstone countertops. Homeowners can learn more about their renovation options by contacting the team at Teresina Soapstone directly or visiting the company’s updated business website at www.teresinasoapstone.com.
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