Cover Art Revealed for New Roger Rabbit Novel

Musa Publishing announces the cover art for Gary K. Wolf's Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?.

Lancaster, OH, September 18, 2013 --( Musa Publishing revealed the cover art today for Gary K. Wolf's Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?, due for release on November 29, 2013. Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? is the third novel set in Wolf's iconic Toontown, where characters Eddie Valiant, Roger Rabbit, and Jessica Rabbit meet a slew of new Toons, take a trip through the zaniness that is Toontown, and, of course, solve a few mysteries along the way.

The cover image, created by animator/illustrator Jacques Muller, features Eddie Valiant (portrayed by author Wolf), and a trio of new Toons—Willy P., the crooked porcine crime lord of Toontown, his moll Honey Graham, and the puppy, Mutt, all of whom are introduced in this novel. The image is set in the part of Toontown called Cartoon Strip, which is "where Toons go to be discovered," according to the novel.

"We wanted to make certain that the cover art took readers into a different location in Toontown, so they could explore new places and new characters," Musa Editorial Director Celina Summers remarked. "In a way, Toontown's grown up along with its fans. Even Roger Rabbit has grown up a little. A very little, but it counts."

Jacques Muller, who was an animator on the iconic 1988 Touchstone film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, was brought to Musa by Wolf, where he agreed to create the cover art. Muller has also worked on other animated features like The Rescuers Down Under and Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace. When the team at Musa began to discuss the cover image, everyone knew it would be an important component of the novel.

"We didn't want to rehash the film. The world of Roger Rabbit in the novels is a little grittier, a little more mature and a lot more dangerous than the Toontown in the animated feature. We felt that by using new Toons who are original to Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? in unexplored and new parts of Toontown, we'll be opening up Gary's iconic world for our readers."

Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? will open for pre-orders on October 22, 2013, at The novel will be available in all digital formats for e-readers, tablets, smart phones, and computers. For more information, you can go to author Gary K. Wolf's website/blog at
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Elspeth McClanahan