New Coming of Age Novel Released by California Author Lasher Lane

Author, Lasher Lane is pleased to announce the release of her new coming of age novel, "Deadlight."

Studio City, CA, September 18, 2013 --( Set in 1968, the story’s haunted narrator wonders if the 200-foot cliffs that serve as a backdrop for his tiny, waterfront town, depriving it of sunlight each day and seemingly holding its inhabitants under a spell of alcohol addiction and apathy, might also be to blame for his friend’s daring and final bet.

Follow the main character Henry, as he struggles with his sanity and wonders if his friend’s fatal bet was really a stunt to gain attention or an escape through suicide. His friend’s death begins to affect Henry, but in ways he doesn't welcome. As a distraction and for mere entertainment, he has an eerie encounter with an unorthodox source who offers him advice to cope with his strange predicament.

"Deadlight" is available in print and ebook formats.

“When deciding on a title for my book about my tiny, solar-deprived town laden with marinas and hemmed in by the 200-ft. stone curtain of towering Palisades, I was inspired by the glass deadlight replica sitting on my mantle and how it represented most features of my story: a marina, death and light, or the lack of it—dead light. I realized then that I’d found the name of my book. But my first and foremost inspiration came from a 1975 New York Times article about my town and how its residents suffered psychologically on a daily basis from this 'solar deprivation,'” says Lasher Lane.

Book Information:
Author: Lasher Lane
Publisher: Patteran Press
ISBN: 978-0615767055
Published: May 2013
Pages: 172

About the Author:
A former graphic artist/vertical camera operator for Prentice Hall, Lasher Lane has had several shorts published, three of which are in the Fall 2012 issues of Down in the Dirt and The Zodiac Review. She lives in LA with her family but resided for many years in the New Jersey town she has featured in her debut novel, "Deadlight," using the lane she grew up on as her pen name.

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