"Are Muslims Savages?" New Book Answers Query with Sensitivity and Insight.

Following publication of his award winning collection of poetry, titled, “Word Posse” last year, poet and author Rashid Osmani released his second collection of poetry addressing a topic of profound and long lasting impact for humanity.

Chicago, IL, September 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- "Throughout modern history, cataclysmic events have often served to demarcate dramatic changes in the way we view ourselves and our world. One such event was the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. While its impact is inestimable, one clear result was an immediate and almost complete distrust of our fellow Muslim citizens," says author, Rashid Osmani.

The power of poetry is in its simplicity. It is meant neither to define nor explain but rather to encapsulate its subject in both its totality and its essence—but through an emotional landscape. Like many parts of life that people encounter, it is a paradox, a wonderful paradox filled with the capacity to provoke thought, to induce change, and to make life more understandable on an elemental level.

Befitting the onerous implications of a clash of civilizations, Osmani believes his second collection of poetry is a hopeful, optimistic, and insightful journey into the heart of the post-9/11 Western world. He says that it is a powerful, unconventional collection of moving intimacy and stunning breadth, "Are Muslims Savages? Short Poems on Their Faith and Feelings as Viewed from the West" is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding our current society and its impact on the adherents of the world's predominant faith.

“This collection is a veracious and provocative contribution to ongoing conversations about Islam and the West.” - ForeWord Clarion Reviews

Clarion Review: https://www.forewordreviews.com/reviews/are-muslims-savages/

"Are Muslims Savages?" Is available in both print and ebook format.

Book Information:
Are Muslims Savages?
Short Poems on Their Faith and Feelings as Viewed from the West
Author: Rashid Osmani
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1481853347
Published: June 2013
Pages: 158

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Are-Muslims-Savages-Feelings-Viewed/dp/1481853341

About the Author:
Rashid Osmani is an engineer by profession and has been a vice president at major US corporations. Accomplished in his profession, he holds 13 US patents in the area of Electronics and Telecommunications. Osmani has lived in the Chicago area with his family for over thirty years.

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Rashid Osmani
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Rashid Osmani