Create Good Habits, Break Bad Habits: Self-Help Bestseller "The Habit Factor" Hits Audible, iTunes and Amazon in Audiobook Format

The Habit Factor self-help bestseller from publisher Equilibrium Enterprises is now available as an audiobook through, Amazon and iTunes. The book explores HABIT (as the sole subject matter) and reveals timeless truths certain to accelerate your ability to achieve goals and create your ideal future - your success. The book succeeds the top-selling Productivity app of the same name, available for iTunes Android smartphones, also from Equilibrium Enterprises.

San Diego, CA, September 17, 2013 --( “It’s a bit crazy to think just over four years ago there were essentially zero ‘Habits & Goals’ apps, and today there might be more than 100. I think that says a lot about the impact, results and fundamental principles shared within 'The Habit Factor,'®” affirmed Martin Grunburg, Equilibrium Enterprises CEO, author of "The Habit Factor" book and designer/inventor of the app that shares the same name.

For years Grunburg has coached clients (businesses, organizations and executives mostly) that a key to real momentum and accomplishment was to temporarily forget about “steps” and “action items” and focus on core, related behaviors (habits) to achieve their goals. “What 'The Habit Factor'® has done is flip goal achievement on its head,” Grunburg says, referring to the SMART goals methodology that has prevailed since the early ’80s as the de facto goal achievement methodology for businesses and executives. “We’ve always been taught that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound—all good criteria, but the question I have is, 'How smart can SMART goals be if they don’t take habit into account?'”

“It’s all about simplicity and momentum when it comes to goal achievement. Would you rather focus on 45 task items or just 3 core, related behaviors (habits) that, when developed, will help you achieve your goal?” An example he shared might be the goal of running a half-marathon. “You could call the trainer, buy new running shoes, sign up for the event, schedule your workouts, go shopping for the right foods etc. Or, rather, simply focus on jogging for 25 minutes, 3 times a week, drinking eight glasses of water daily, and not eating large meals after 5pm, five times a week.” He calls this Habit Alignment Technology™, which has helped people understand how habits serve goal achievement.

Another major challenge is the common misunderstanding of habit. Grunburg contends that it is the negative connotation habit carries within our society that has people a bit confused at first. “If I were to ask a high school student to tell me the first thing she thinks of if I say the word ‘habit’ she’ll likely say ‘smoking’ ‘drinking’ or ‘drugs,’” Grunburg says. This confusion is further propagated by how society and the media constantly reference and frame habit. “I wrote 'The Habit Factor'® to change that connotation. I know our kids’ future and our collective future will greatly benefit from this new understanding of habit!”

The Habit Factor® app (iOS and Android) has been featured on the world’s most popular tech and productivity blogs, including and as well as iTunes and merited Grunburg an invitation to present at TEDx in the United Arab Emirates. "The Habit Factor"® book is routinely listed as a bestseller in the iTunes Spirituality category and Amazon’s Self-Help, Personal Transformation and Creativity.

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