"Get Smart: Removing 'KAOS' from It Security" Webinar to Explore Unified Cloud Infosec Best Practices for MSPs

Cloud security firm CloudAccess to host live presentation and demonstration to promote unified SIEM, log management and vulnerability assessment from the cloud.

Los Angeles, CA, September 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Would you believe a 1960’s sitcom holds the keys to a 21st century IT security best practices? According to cloud security firm CloudAccess, the classic comedy "Get Smart" serves as the learning anchor to showcase how a unified SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), Log Management and vulnerability assessment deployment can reduce risk for clients of managed service providers (MSP).

The September 26th webinar wryly titled “Get Smart: Removing KAOS from Security CONTROL,” will explore several IT security best practices that improve client risk management by using cost-effective, integrated solutions developed and managed from the cloud.

“The approach might be humorous, but our aim is to educate managed service providers on the unique value of incorporating a unified, cloud–based solution to address the complex and often costly security deployment,” said Cloud Access Senior Vice President Jim Smith, who will also be the webinars moderator.

According to Smith, many managed service providers have made some investments in cloud-based security, but have been typically limited to point solutions like just a log management solution.

“It’s definitely a positive step, but if I can provide the reach of system log archiving/review combined with the power of a real time intrusion detection combined with the correlated planned intelligence; and do it for the same cost a client pays for the single solution, then we are creating unique value for the client as well as promoting a stronger security strategy for their enterprise.”

Although the cost-to-risk balance is part of the presentation, the webinar plans to spend the majority of the time providing the details on how an integrated, cloud-based approach can simplify and speed response to alerts anywhere within an enterprise’s IT landscape using the situational context. Situational context provides correlated input from multiple behavioral elements to determine whether an even is a threat or requires some sort of remediation.

Also in keeping with the “Get Smart” theme, the webinar will also address BYOSP---bring your own shoe phone—in terms of how an enterprise can create better visibility towards who is logging in from where, what device and whether they have appropriate permissions to access various applications and data.

“I’m sure there will be a cone of silence reference or two,” Smith added. “But the bottom line is to prove that you can reduce costs while increasing IT integrity.”

The free webinar requires an RSVP. Those interested can save their spot by visiting http://www.cloudaccess.com/webinar-registration-0 . Those who respond will receive a complimentary white paper also titled “Get Smart: Removing KAOS from Security Control.”

To those unfamiliar with the sitcom, CONTROL was the name of main character's Maxwell Smart's spy organization and KAOS was the name of their nefarious rivals. The original show ran on CBS from 1965-1970.

CloudAccess specializes in a unique unified security platform that leverages the capabilities of intrusion detection, log archiving, user credentialing, provisioning, application authorization, automations, web access management, single sign-on and compliance reporting. In that this is 100% deployed and managed from the cloud creates better real time visibility, scalability, agility and affordability for any sized organization. REACT is the only cloud-managed offering on the market that incorporates all these key security capabilities (SIEM, Log Management, Identity Management and Access Management) from a multi-tenant configuration.
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