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Send your best wishes to the people in need from Ozeal Glasses.

New York, NY, September 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- When buying glasses or new glasses frames, shoppers don’t always consider what life would be like if they could not afford suitable prescription Eyewear. It’s so easy for many of us to shop for and collect a number of pairs of glasses without even thinking twice. However, the harsh reality is that the world is a tough place and not everyone can afford even a single pair of glasses. If everyone could do good deeds on a regular basis, those in need would be so much better off.

Ozeal Glasses has launched two initiatives to provide those less fortunate with the gift of clear sight. The first of which is the Gift Project. Their main focus is to do good in Asia by allowing anyone to send their meaningful wishes. Those who want to make a difference need not even purchase glasses frames. They simply need to set up an account online at Ozeal Glasses and their wishes will accompany a pair of Ozeal Eyewear as a much needed and appreciated gift to somebody in need. What better gift to give than a sentimental and uplifting message that the recipient can read themselves with their new pair of glasses?

The company also appeals to anyone out there who has a pair of old glasses that they will be willing to part with. When buying glasses, you won’t have any use for your old glasses anyway and they can do so much more good in an underprivileged person’s hands. Wearers can donate old glasses without much effort at all. Eyeglass wearers can drop them off during their next trip to or near their local Eyewear shop, library, schools or anywhere they can find a collection box.

If you can’t find a collection box in your area, you can even mail them to the necessary destination so that they can be sorted, cleaned up and sent on to their new proud and grateful owners. If you want to get even more involved in these important community projects, you can go so far as to volunteer as part of the sorting and cleaning team. Many hands make light work and every volunteer is appreciated. Once the glasses are sent to various destinations, they aren’t simply distributed. Specialists volunteer to conduct eye tests and make sure that each person gets the right lenses.

When considering the alternative, you can donate old glasses that you no longer use, this is far better than letting it gather dust or simply tossing it in the trash. Even if they are slightly damaged, you never know whether the lenses or other parts may come in handy to complete another damaged pair.

To make a difference with Ozeal’s Gift Project, visit http://www.ozealglasses.com/ozeal-love and check with your optometrist or local eyeglasses store about donating your old frames.
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Aaron Wang