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Ozeal Prescription Glasses' Newly-Released Buyers Guide

Ozeal prescription glasses buyers guide helps you get the best pair at Ozeal Glasses.

New York, NY, October 09, 2013 --(PR.com)-- More and more internet users are becoming accustomed to the online shopping experience. These days you can buy anything online but, when it comes to a specialized product like prescription glasses, a buyers guide may very well come in handy.

Ozeal Glasses makes the shopping experience a pleasure with their simple, user-friendly website and unique custom service. With websites set up with domains registered in the United Kingdom, United States of America and France, it makes their range of prescription glasses easily accessible to customers all over the world. Shoppers can even choose among various major currencies including the US Dollar and the Euro to make their online shopping experience that much easier.

Shoppers can easily navigate the website and find what they are looking for. The home page of each of the three sites highlights the main categories such as men’s Eyewear, women’s Eyewear and sale items. Promotions such as free shipping and other discounts are also promoted on the first page to help shoppers make the most of the best deals that Ozeal Glasses has to offer.

Once shoppers have selected the range they would like to browse through, be it men’s or women’s glasses, they can then narrow down the search results by selecting additional criteria. Shoppers can specifically target a certain price range, color, style or even the material from which the frames are made. This handy panel on the left hand side of the screen is the ideal buyers guide to make the best possible purchase.

Narrowing down your choice from a few favorites can be tough so shoppers are urged to enjoy a full shopping experience as if they were in an actual store. That means clicking on each pair of frames and reading all about the weight, structural properties and other customer reviews to help them make their final decision. Each product description will also detail the lens options that can be included with the pair of frames and if there are any other notable features.

Do not forget about the handy virtual try on custom service that allows shoppers to upload a photograph of themselves and get a very good idea of just how their new pair of glasses will suit them. If ever in doubt, shoppers are welcome to contact customer support via email, phone, online form, or even through the live online chat platform.

The entire shopping and checkout process is kept simple and efficient to make life easy for all shoppers. The company stands by its products and offers a 60 day free return policy, so if customers are not completely happy for whatever reason, they can return their purchase.

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