Samsung’s Innovative "Phablet" Device Gets Powermat Wireless Charging Support

Big Fun Market rolls out Samsung Galaxy Note II wireless charging accessories.

Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R., September 19, 2013 --( Hong Kong technology company Big Fun Market has been in the business of making unique wireless charging products since 2012, and is now proud to announce the release of the PMA standard (Powermat compatible) wireless charging receiver for the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This thin receiver fits between the battery cover and the battery, adding virtually no weight to the device whilst giving the user a convenient charging experience.

The thin receiver is compatible with Powermat (PMA standard) wireless charging surfaces, allowing users to simply place their enabled phone on the charging mat to begin topping up their battery without hassle. This innovative thin receiver technology is unique to Big Fun Market.

Users of the Big Fun Market-exclusive Powermat (PMA standard) thin receiver will be able to place their Galaxy Note II or other receiver-enabled device, including the S4, SIII and other phones, on to not just their personal wireless charging mats, but also on public wireless charging mats using Powermat technology, including select McDonald’s and Starbucks locations across North America and Europe. Powermat (PMA standard) compatible wireless chargers continue to be rolled out across the globe, allowing users to never lose power on their phone when on the go.

Big Fun Market’s thin receivers are available from and, with prices starting from US$26.

Big Fun Market is a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2011 specialising in selling consumer electronics and accessories. Big Fun Market produces PMA standard (Powermat compatible) wireless charging receivers as well as selling PMA standard charging mats and battery kits manufactured by Powermat. For more information on the company as well as where to purchase the PMA standard accessories, please visit or contact
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Katie Leung