Tactical FLEX, Inc. to Host Live Demo on Why Aanval's Situational Awareness is a Great IT Advantage

Tactical FLEX, Inc., a global provider of information security, vulnerability, and risk management software solutions, today announced a new live product demonstration on why Aanval’s Situational Awareness is a great IT advantage.

Seattle, WA, September 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Tactical FLEX, Inc., a global provider of information security, vulnerability, and risk management software solutions, today announced a new live product demonstration on why Aanval’s Situational Awareness is a great IT advantage.

The challenges facing IT departments today are more pressing than ever. Security threats continue to evolve and proliferate as hackers find new ways to implement methods of cyber attacks. Cyber criminals have also become more persistent in working their way to successfully steal data in return for a highly lucrative payout. As a result security risks are increasing in quantity and complexity, while at the same time successful cyber attacks are significantly impacting an organization’s operations and success. As the cost of cyber crimes each year also continue to escalate, IT departments need to be certain that they are managing their organizations’ security risks effectively by identifying real threats and vulnerabilities before cyber criminals find them. Defending your organization against cyber criminals isn’t easy. Your IT dept. has to be right each time. An attacker only has to be right once. Are you able to identify real threats and vulnerabilities before attackers find them? Is your current monitoring systems built to deliver real-time situational awareness?

There are many reasons why IT departments are embracing Aanval SAS (Situational Awareness System). Aanval is simple to use and loaded with powerful IDS and SIEM features, coupled with new offensive tools designed to deliver an accurate assessment of security risks and complete network visibility of your IT infrastructures. Aanval helps IT departments focus and get back to protecting their networks by automating security and building systems that allow security professionals to make determinations quickly while being well-informed. Aanval's overall primary function is to correlate data from multiple sources, bring together billions of events, and present users with a holistic view of false-positive free, network security situational awareness. Join them to learn how Aanval SAS can deliver a new level of security intelligence to make sense of all your captured log data, thus effectively strengthening your organization's security posture.

Highlighted features include:

1. Situational Awareness engine and False Positive Protection to help build detailed summaries of your network’s security posture, risks, and keep false positives from overpowering true risks.
2. New offensive tools and host scanning capabilities utilizing Nmap to proactively detect vulnerabilities, identify rogue devices, and shore-up defenses.
3. Powerful GeoLocation feature to map locations of traffic sources in both static and real-time.
4. Vast array of high-quality reporting options and advanced displays including Situational Awareness Report and Event Timeline Browser.
5. Enhanced historical analytics with real-time searching, event tagging, and reporting.
6. Real-time Snort, Suricata, and Syslog event correlation system.

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 from 1:00-1:30pm EDT

Date/Time: Thursday, September 26, 2013 from 3:00-3:30pm CEST (Central European Standard Time)

To view and register for upcoming webinars and live demo events, visit Aanval's Demo page.

Aanval may be downloaded for testing and evaluation by visiting Aanval's Download page.

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Tactical FLEX, Inc. is a privately owned software development firm based in Seattle, specializing in information security research, engineering, technology design, and production. With the technological development of Aanval®, Tactical FLEX, Inc. has become a global provider of information security vulnerability and risk management software solutions that protect businesses of all sizes. Aanval® is the industry’s leading Snort, Suricata, and Syslog Intrusion Detection, Correlation, and Threat Management console on the market. Aanval® currently has over 6,000 customers worldwide including government security, defense organizations, technology corporations, financial services organizations, energy companies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, biotechnology manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, utility providers, and many others. Learn more about Aanval® by visiting Tactical FLEX, Inc.'s website.
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