Gospel Hip Hop Artist P-Munnay Releases New Album

P-Munnay's new album "Changed (The Gates)" is now available on iTunes and free download at www.pmunnaymusic.com

Los Angeles, CA, September 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Gospel Hip Hop Artist P-Munnay has released his first full length album titled "Changed (The Gates)" this month on iTunes, and for free download at www.pmunnaymusic.com. The album is a 15-track showcase of talented yet composed lyricism and ear-catching melodies which touch on topics such as God, overcoming through Christ, temptations, Christianity today, and much more.

With guest appearances from Ottawa artist and producer FiLmMoRe, Sackville New Brunswick singer songwriter Odum Abekah, former Star Academie Top 20 contestant May-C (Melissa Cote), and Ottawa guitarist Chris Burke, the album oozes with independent talent. From start to finish listeners will be intrigued and inspired, whether it's the uplifting sounds of tracks such as Praising You, One Soul Saved, and The Book of Life, or the personal & provocative lines of My Temptation and Mass Deception, the album does not disappoint for an independent release.

"I can really hear the sincerity, in [the] lyrics, so good on [him] for being so real. I feel as if I know [him], after listening to this album, and that's exactly how it should feel!" - Brock Tozer, CHRI Program Director

For those of you who may still be on the fence, aside from being compared to Shai Linne and Sho Baraka, P-Munnay is a man who truly loves God - and wants to see others be blessed and uplifted by the album as much as he was by making it. If there's ever been an album to download, "Changed (The Gates)" by P-Munnay is the one. Download your copy today.

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