Gamxing™ Teaches Doctors Offices How to Protect Their Patient's Data

Gamxing™ has stepped forward to teach employees in the healthcare industry how to protect their patient's data through games. They use a virtual environment that is based on interactive play.

San Diego, CA, September 20, 2013 --( Healthcare facilities can be trained in HIPAA compliance with an engaging, fun, easy and cost-effective method and it all involves a company called Gamxing™. Gamxing™ offers a patent pending training program that covers complex HIPAA and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) Regulations. The company can help each and every employee understand how they can protect their patient's data through a virtual environment that is based on interactive play. There is no need to attend any seminars or Webinars that can last several hours to all day. Employees will be learning what they need to know through HIPAA training games and HITECH training games.

The Development of Gamxing™

Gamxing™ was developed by experts in the healthcare industry who have an understanding of the difficulty that is behind privacy, security and PHI. They believe in protecting personal health information through proper healthcare training. They have developed various HIPAA and HITECH training games that will help the staff learn how to protect personal information within the healthcare organization.

Different Healthcare Training Packages to Choose From

There are various packages to choose from - healthcare organizations can choose a package that best fits their organization's need. Users will have several package options including an introductory package of ten games or paying a small fee each month for ongoing training on a monthly basis.

Gamxing™ 's courses have been written by experts who have a great deal of experience in both HITECH and HIPPA. To date, their team has trained thousands of employees.
Lori Wilson