PetraSlate Tile & Stone Slate Flooring Tiles Help Homeowners Enhance the Natural Appeal of Their Outdoor Environments

Denver, CO, September 20, 2013 --( Denver, CO-based PetraSlate Tile & Stone has just announced several new additions to their broad-ranging catalogue of slate flooring materials. The company’s newest additions, which include rustic Ledgestone and contemporary Versailles Pattern styles, will improve the look of any contemporary outdoor living space with its bold, natural detailing.

Solid concrete patios are becoming about as popular as avocado green refrigerators and shag carpets. Anyone who has owned a home with a concrete patio knows they sink, crack and are costly to replace. Even new stamped concrete, while it looks more modern, is still concrete that is subject to cracking and sinking.

Slate on the other hand, is a natural product that, depending on the origin, can withstand the harshest of climates and temperature fluctuations. In addition to its durability, there are numerous functional advantages to integrating slate in an outdoor living space. For example, the surface of the material helps to prevent slipping. This is ideal for family homes in which seniors and young children reside. The product also comes in a wide variety of natural colors, making it easy to match or accent the individual’s décor tastes.

PetraSlate Tile & Stone’s latest inventory includes several unique Versailles Pattern styles. Homebuyers looking to achieve that vacation home look to their property might choose the Silver Sands Versai style slate. While the company’s California Gold Versai slate lends itself more to the home with a classical, rustic décor arrangement. There’s a stylish flooring product available for all types of style palette available now within the updated PetraSlate Tile & Stone catalogue.

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