Magician Teaches Golden Rule to Students in Salt Lake City

Steffan Soule is an expert conjurer concerned with nature, water protection, tormenting in the schools, and maintainability. He has discovered an approach to exchange comprehension about these issues to others through his exhibitions and the specialty of mystery.

Seattle, WA, September 20, 2013 --( Steffan Soule is an expert performer who is essentially worried about nature's domain, water protection, tormenting in the schools (counting by means of the internet), on top of numerous other discriminating issues that go up against us. On top of abilities for diversion, Steffan painstakingly creates exhibitions to address such issues. Every bit of enchanting outlines an essential focus or serves as a purposeful anecdote for his message. As of late, Steffan was authorized by the Golden Rule Project and the Utah Arts Council to address tormenting and the requisition of the Golden Rule as a component of the answer for the developing issue of harassing and viciousness in schools across the country.

"Consideration, Magic and the Golden Rule," was in this manner made as an execution focused at the lesser high and secondary school level. Steffan appeared this new work for three schools and for the Crime Prevention Conference in January and February, 2013. The experimental run project permitted the Golden Rule Project the chance to adjust this vital message and to check the scholars' responses to the different segments of this new mystery show.

The three lesser secondary schools in Salt Lake City comprised of Granite Park Jr. High, West Lake Jr. High, and Eisenhower Jr. High. Their responses were superior to envisioned. Every school had something like 1000 understudies in participation, and the scholars gave careful consideration to the mystery and the message throughout the whole 50 moment presentation. The understudies cheered at the shocking mystery impacts, however then they came to be quiet when Steffan's message took the centering. They truly listened which is extraordinary for this age bunch. As any performing craftsman knows, when an entertainer can hold the consideration of lesser and secondary school kids, they have arrived. By and large, no crowd is all the more testing for an entertainer of any order.

What's more, Three Gun Rose Production, a film creation organization was contracted to report the whole prepare from origination, execution and refinement, to a group of onlookers input and reaction. This film will be utilized to advertise the Golden Rule Project and the execution for consequent schools.

Schools or different associations intrigued by hosting Steffan's execution anyplace in the USA might contact the Golden Rule Project at 801-433-6275 or at stephen(at)goldenruleproject(dot)org. For Utah schools, a connection to the Utah Arts Council will be furnished to aid the award requisition transform, and for different States, prescribed partners.

Steffan has made various enchanting shows with paramount messages like "harassing," "cooperation," and even "water conservation."

"Every show accompanies one basic recipe. The mystery impact outwardly exhibits the guideline that is constantly demonstrated. Case in point, Steffan says "During the Golden Rule Show I make a scholar adjust on a level plane in mid air, as though suspended, while clarifying, we need to uncover a parity focus between the restricting drives that expedite viciousness." In this same demonstrate, about the Golden Rule, Steffan makes a dark and a white streamer change into a brilliant banner with over 1000 definitions of the Golden Rule printed on the banner. Soule clarifies that, "The Golden Rule is not dark and white. One needs to practice it and study how to apply it to numerous scenarios. To help, we have identified over 1000 ways this control has been detailed all through religions, societies and theories planet.

Presentations for schools is one part of Steffan's part as an expert conjurer. Steffan likewise performs for major organization capacities and indeed, for instructive celebrations. In March and April, 2013, Steffan will be performing at various Water Festivals in his show "The Magic of Our Water" in which he shows how valuable and imperative water is for all life on planet Earth. This presentation has turned into the primary fascination at the "Kitsap Water Fest" which has welcomed Steffan once again for 11 consecutive years.

One regular subject that Steffan weaves into the greater part of his supernatural presentations has to do with manageability. Water must be monitored and safeguarded for example. The Golden Rule must be beaten assuming that we are to save and consequently support life on Earth. In April, Steffan Soule will be introducing his show on Process Improvement for an entire frameworks gathering on the enneagram. Steffan feels that proficiency is a standout amongst the most essential issues of our chance. Individuals need to ace the specialty of adequate, proficient forms, in the event that we are to advance feasible frameworks for our destiny. Soule shows this idea from the view of the craft of mystery. One can not be a mystical performer without studying how to streamline a methodology until it gives off an impression of being mystery.

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