Red Pill Email Signs Integration Partnership Deal with Brick Street Software

Salem, NH, September 20, 2013 --( Red Pill Email—a leading provider of email consultation, vendor selection and technology integration—today announced it has signed an integration partnership agreement with messaging-solutions provider Brick Street Software.

Under the agreement, Red Pill Email can offer its clients support for Brick Street Software’s CONNECT, a cloud-based and on-site multichannel marketing solution that enables marketers to conduct conversations with customers and prospects over multiple devices.

“This agreement will allow us to offer a choice of installations,” said John Caldwell, founder of Red Pill Email. “Brick Street Software offers a powerful, secure and versatile cloud-based solution. It also offers an equally powerful, secure and versatile on-site solution for enterprise clients who prefer to manage their outbound messaging in house.”

As a vendor-agnostic integration provider with a long history of working with dozens of email service providers, Red Pill Email will be able to help clients migrate seamlessly from their former platform to Brick Street Software in any capacity they choose.

“Our enterprise clients can start with Brick Street’s on-site solution,” Caldwell said. “Or they can start with the Brick Street’s cloud-based solution and seamlessly migrate to Brick Street’s on-site solution any time they choose. Either way, they simply wake up one day and they’re sending from a new platform.”

The CONNECT messaging solution allows enterprise marketers to send personalized, targeted and timely communications. It also allows clients to easily manage high-volume, recurring or event-triggered campaigns across 11 channels. CONNECT can quickly scale as the enterprise grows and is the solution of choice for three of the five world’s largest financial institutions.

“Through Brick Street Software’s CONNECT solution, our customers can integrate the behavioral data of their customers from numerous sources into their marketing efforts and deploy highly targeted and personalized campaigns across multiple channels,” said Caldwell.

Chris Maeda, founder and CEO of Brick Street Software, said: “We are excited to begin working with Red Pill Email. This agreement gives Brick Street and its clients access to one of the most widely recognized experts in email consultation and technology integration. Likewise, our advanced cloud-based and on-site solutions offer a combination of choice, security, simplicity and message targeting that will make a nice addition to Red Pill’s array of offerings.”

Red Pill Email’s integration partnership with Brick Street Software comes on the heels of a partnership announcement with email validation provider LeadSpend and marketing automation and messaging provider Silverpop. It is also one of a string of Red Pill Email partnerships expected to be announced in the future.

About Red Pill Email: As publisher of the annual Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide, Red Pill Email has an unparalleled overview of the vendor landscape. Red Pill Email is the agency behind other agencies and vendors alike. From vendor selection to technology implementation, Red Pill Email has helped hundreds of clients build their email programs from the ground up and revamp existing ones.

About Brick Street Software: Brick Street Software is a high-end boutique software developer specializing in highly adaptable on-premise and SaaS marketing messaging solutions for enterprises and agency partners. Its cloud-based multichannel marketing platform CONNECT seamlessly integrates with existing technology infrastructure. In addition, the scalable marketing software makes it possible for global organizations to respond quickly to changes in customer preferences and deliver real-time messages across 11 communication channels and counting.
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