Trends Expert Daniel Levine Proclaims That Rooftops Are Trending

The Avant-Guide Institute’s trends guru looks up to see what’s big.

New York, NY, September 20, 2013 --( The reinvention of the rooftop is currently a huge trend, according to Daniel Levine, the director of the Avant-Guide Institute, a trends consultancy based in New York City. What previously only housed vents, chimneys, and water tanks is now being taken over by several environmentally-aware pursuits.

In urban environments especially, rooftops are increasingly becoming farms, as the demand for locally-grown food increases. Initially planted as gardens for flowers and shrubs, rooftops are now homes to tomato plants, bean vines and other greenery. In larger spaces, like on top of a grocery store in Brooklyn, greenhouses are being installed, for the purpose of offering a wider selection of produce year-round.

And repurposing rooftops is going global. In Bangkok, Thailand, hot and sunny roofs are providing the perfect environment for growing edible algae. In some rural areas, grass rooftops are even being used to raise goats and other livestock.

Of course, trend goes far beyond food production to the production of energy. Hotels are installing wind-turbines on their roofs to help cut down on electricity bills. And according to realtors associations, solar panels are now must-have accessories for new home buyers.

"The use of rooftops to grow food and produce energy are terrific examples of how the sustainability trend influences very real change in people's lives," says Levine, the trends expert and public speaker. "There is a major consumer demand to be more environmentally-conscious. When that is combined with the previously unused real estate right above our heads, the result is transformational."

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