Global Green Products LLC Wins the 5th Annual Polsinelli Innovation Competition

The Polsinelli Innovation Competition held September 10th during the Global Midwest Alliance’s annual clean tech industry program, "What’s in the Future for Clean Tech?" was awarded to Global Green Products LLC, a "green chemical" company, for their work providing cost saving and biodegradable polymer products to the oil, natural gas and water treatment industries.

Orland Park, IL, September 20, 2013 --( Global Midwest Alliance together with the Midwest Research University Network and Polsinelli Law Firm announced that Global Green Products LLC is the winner of the 5th Annual Polsinelli Innovation Competition. The competition was held on September 10th during the Alliance’s annual clean tech industry program, What’s in the Future for Clean Tech? which featured the Polsinelli Innovation Competition Showcase.

Rick Van Dyken, General Manager, accepted the award for the company and offered that “Global Green Products LLC came into this opportunity grateful for a platform to share our technology and we left with an award that will move us forward to success. This added opportunity to connect with early-stage investors, researchers and other business leaders creates an exciting environment in which to accelerate the growth of our company.”

Larry Koskan, President and Founder, said that programs and awards like this for entrepreneurial and start-up companies are important because they focus our attention on those technologies and businesses that are cutting-edge and really important in the effort to bring profitable, sustainable solutions to industry and society. “We are pleased to accept this award as recognition of our employees, technology and products in their role of improving the environmental impact in the production of oil and gas while preserving one of our natural resources: water.”
Global Green Products LLC is an international “green chemical” company that provides cost saving solutions in the form of biodegradable and environmentally friendly polymer products for the production of oil and natural gas and in the water treatment industry while answering the growing global concern about the environmental impact of chemicals used in these industries.
Global Green Products LLC
Alexandra Yahya