14 Year Old Boy from Small Town of Rathdrum, Idaho Invited to Bolshoi Ballet Academy with Only 3 Years of Ballet

Only 3 years of ballet experience and this 14 year old boy is offered an opportunity of a lifetime, to study at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. A true talent and gift.

Spokane, WA, September 20, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Local Teen Invited To Study At World Famous Bolshoi Ballet In Moscow Russia.

Isaac Sanders, 14 from Rathdrum Idaho was born to dance. Isaac started to study dance at the age of 8, then 3 years ago he switched his focus to classical ballet. He was inspired by his teachers but after seeing a performance of Swan Lake, he was determined to pursue this as a career. He was further hooked after seeing YouTube videos of ballet greats Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov. He studied and trained hard at the Brindusa-Moore Ballet Academy in Pocatello. He has been living away from his family pursing this passion for the last few years. Through some recent competitions, he was invited to a “Summer Intensive” workshop in Connecticut this summer presented by the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and sponsored by the Russian-American Foundation. This 6 week workshop was difficult, demanding and challenging. But as a result of hard work and a teachable attitude, Isaac was selected as the only male dancer to be invited to study fill time at the Academy in Russia. He was just notified of this acceptance the beginning of September and is scheduled to begin attending October 15.

The Prestigious Bolshoi Ballet Academy was founded in 1776. It is a state sponsored school and as such, all students from Russia study at no cost. However, for international students, there is no financial aid, subsidy or scholarship. Isaac must find a way to fund this education where all traditional sources are unavailable. Corporate donations and grants are not made to individuals. There is no financial-aid or scholarship that would cover this type of opportunity and time is short. This is an area that ballet is rather obscure and not readily taught beyond young children. But it is a national passion for the Russian people and as such, Isaac will represent our country and especially our region with a quiet, determined and shining spirit.

Currently a fund raiser for Isaac is planned at the Good Samaritan Community Center in Spokane Valley. The event will include a donation spaghetti feed, silent auction and especially a chance to meet Isaac and see him perform.

Fundraiser for Isaac Sanders
Friday September 27, 2013
Good Samaritan Community Center
17028 E 8th Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99016

More information: www.isaacsanders.org

Contact: Emily / Isaac Sanders (208) 687-3339 or (509) 850-5503
Facebook: www.facebook.com/helpisaactaketheleap

For tickets to the event, sign up at Facebook page or http://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0A49A4AE29AA8-tickets
Jennifer Butler