Monster iOS: a New Way to Learn iOS 7 Development

Singapore, Singapore, September 21, 2013 --( Monster iOS: A New Beginning is a new kind of programming guide, one which aims to make learning to program fun by wrapping everything in a story. The book is partly the story of Dave the Dev and how he ended up in a world full of fantasy monsters like vampires and zombies. The other part is about programming in general and iOS development in particular. The book is designed with the complete beginner in mind, explaining all concepts from the very basics, but covering the latest iOS version, the just released iOS 7, and its attendant development tools.

When asked why he wanted to write a programming guide which is part fiction, the author, Fahim Farook, said, “I didn’t want to write just another programming book. I wanted to write something more fun and interesting, something that the reader might remember better. After all, if it’s fun, it’s easier to learn, too.”

Ray Wenderlich of, one of the most popular sites online providing a huge array of programming tutorials and e-books, had this to say about the book: “The most unique book on iOS programming I’ve ever seen – cross a fantasy book with iOS programming, and you get Monster iOS! Great for complete beginners looking for a gentle and fun introduction into making apps – with a side dish of vampires!”

Simon Haynes, award-winning author of the best selling Hal Spacejock series of novels, and a software developer himself, said, “A novel approach to programming. What a great idea for an educational title. Too many people think programming is dry and boring, but this book will change all that.”

Monster iOS: A New Beginning is now available for sale via the Monster iOS website at and via iBooks. Read more about Monster iOS: A New Beginning at or read a sample chapter at

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About Monster iOS
Monster iOS is a new e-publishing venture by RookSoft Pte Ltd of Singapore.

RookSoft Ltd. is a mobile applications development company in Singapore. RookSoft has over 20 iOS (iPhone, iPad) apps on the Apple iTunes app store and has completed over 40 more additional iOS applications for clients from around the world, including Singapore, New Zealand, the US, UK, Bahrain, Australia, and The Netherlands. RookSoft’s CEO, Fahim Farook, has been programming for 20 years and has worked in a variety of diverse languages and platforms. To find out more about RookSoft, please visit

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