Introduces Online Publicity Campaign for Marathi Movies is an online portal that shares the latest news, gossips, information about new movies, etc., of the Marathi film industry. It has come up with an online campaign to promote the latest Marathi movies.

Pune, India, September 21, 2013 --(, a Marathi entertainment website, brings good news for Marathi movie makers as well as movie lovers. The website has launched a new campaign for promoting upcoming Marathi movies in the online world. ZagMag knows that the need of the hour for Marathi films is to have a strong promotional campaign, as most of these films do not have huge budgets for promoting their movies like the Bollywood movies.

The main motive of ZagMag through these online movie promotions is to create interest about the particular movie among moviegoers. It also aims to create interest about Marathi films among the younger generation. Moreover, the idea is to avoid spending crores of rupees on the promotion of the movie, and the internet is the perfect solution for this. provides its clients with end to end promotion solutions. From building a dedicated website for the movie to promoting it with the help of various methods, it does everything to make new Marathi movies popular among the masses. The promotions are done by releasing trailers, posters and teasers on and The news on the to-be-released movies is also publicized in popular online newspapers.

People at ZagMag know the power of social media and hence social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are used to promote the movie. ZagMag helps its clients to create fan pages or dedicated pages on these social networking websites and come out with innovative ways to promote the movie. Regular promotional emails are also sent to users of ZagMag. Advertising is done through iPhone and Android apps of

Apart from online promotion, ZagMag is also known for overall marketing and promotion of movies. They build customize movie promotion strategies, as they realize that every film is different and thus needs different treatment. They arrange press conferences; advertisement through electronic, radio and print media; and informal movie promotions in local areas. Overseas promotion and distribution (mainly in the UK and the USA) of Marathi movies are also some of the services provided by does not work exclusively for Marathi movies only. It is possible to promote Marathi theatre plays and other cultural events to a global audience.

The PR team of ZagMag is a group of dynamic and creative individuals who come up with unique ideas to promote Marathi movies. Directors and producers interested in hiring ZagMag for their Marathi movie promotion can reach them through their contact page on One can also contact ZagMag's Creative Director, Ms. Aditi Mohile at +91 9930818828.
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