Lube N Go Announces the Ten Minute Oil Change Challenge Guarantee

Kitchener, Canada, September 21, 2013 --( Lube N Go, the world’s fastest oil change facility, is all set to take on a new challenge – A Ten Minute Oil Change Guarantee. By taking care of your vehicle this automotive repair facility can ensure that your vehicle gives you endless, problem-free miles on the road. All they need is ten minutes. If you have to wait any longer than that, it’s free!

The company’s expert car mechanics and technicians will inspect your vehicle’s exterior lights and the air filter as well as do an oil change in only ten minutes. It’s their new, unmatched, ten minute oil change guarantee. What if they cannot stay true to their word? Well, your entire service is free!

Here’s what every Lube N Go Ten Minute Oil Change includes:

Oil Change
- Up to 5L of Oil
- New oil filter

Check and Fill
- Tire Pressure
- Windshield Washer Fluids

The mechanics will check and test the battery charge and cold cranking amps CCA. The Power Steering Fluids and Brake Fluids are also checked if requested, with no additional charge.

Vehicle Inspection
- Air filtration system
- Exterior lights

The above two are inspected free of charge as part of the ten-minute oil change. If requested by the customer, and with extra charges, the mechanics will also inspect:

- Wiper blades
- Engine belts
- Antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels
- Chassis (lubricate when applicable)

The ten minute guarantee is available only at Lube N Go. Technicians say, “We are not afraid to put our money where our mouth is! Your Ten Minute Oil Change starts when the vehicle is in the start position over the pit and the attendant pushes the timer button.”

Consumers are to note that the ten minute guarantee is only for a regular oil change. It does not include any other items like air filters, transmission oil changes, oil flushes or change of wiper blades, etc. Lube N Go will be happy to handle any of those extra items but just not within the ten minute guarantee. The team at Lube N Go says, “We are ready! Are you up for the Ten Minute Oil Change challenge?”

For more information about the automotive repair facility’s other services, please visit and visit any of their two locations in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

About Lube N Go
Lube N Go is proudly known as the world’s fastest oil change facility. It is an automotive repair facility and also a provincially licensed Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. The automotive repair shop welcomes you to their full-service facilities in Kitchener, Ontario. There are two locations to serve customers and Lube N Go welcomes drive-ins even without an appointment. In addition to the warranty-approved products and competitive rates, the company’s latest hot offer is the ten minute oil change guarantee.
Lube N Go
Dean Adams